January 1, 2017

Cotton Compression Socks that are Amazing

Best Cotton Compression Socks

Most compression socks feature a nylon and spandex blend. Known for their elastic and compression properties, these two materials are the option of preference for many manufacturers.

If you’re committed to using solely cotton garments, you may be discouraged by the over-abundance of other fabrics on the compression garments market. Regardless of the fact that nylon and spandex are most common, there are manufacturers that make cotton compression socks or garments that feature a blend of cotton and another fabric.

AprilTex Compression Support Socks for Men and Women

AprilTex Compression Support Socks for Men and Women feature 60 percent combed cotton for added softness and breathability. There are black and white varieties to choose among and the socks are available in three sizes.

This is a medium graduate compression product with a reading of 17 to 22mmHg. The level of graduated compression makes the socks suitable for use during physical activities, on the job and during traveling.

Apart from the cotton, the socks feature a spandex-yarn cone structure that is anatomically-correct and that provides support where it is needed the most. A no-hug elastic band and a reinforced heel make the design complete and guarantee a high level of comfort.

Because of its quality, the product is provided with a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Wanderlust Air Travel Socks

Regardless of their name, the Wanderlust Air Travel Socks aren’t intended for use solely during flights. They support the legs and deliver therapeutic compression during workouts, on the job and while you’re recovering from an injury.

The medical grade compression is 25 to 33mmHg at the ankle, 15 to 22mmHg in the middle of the calf and 10 to 15mmHg right underneath the knee. The socks are made of a fabric that consists 80 percent of cotton, six percent of polyester, nine percent of nylon and five percent of Lycra.

A few other design features make the socks comfortable and therapeutic. The seamless design reduces the risk of blister formation. Additional foot padding is provided to absorb shock and reduce the risk of injuries. In addition, the socks feature anatomically-correct arch support to reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis.

There are two sizes to choose among. Take a look at the chart since the socks are designed to fit perfectly without bunching or rolling down during intense physical activity.

Danish Endurance Organic Compression Socks

Luckily, there are compression socks out there that are made of organic cotton. Danish Endurance Organic Compression Socks are one such garment. The cotton that these socks are made of is guaranteed to be organic and sustainable. The socks feature medium graduated compression in the 14 to 22mmHg range.

Cotton is an excellent choice for day-long use because it is a breathable material that will wick moisture away from the body. The characteristic is particularly beneficial when it comes to socks and reducing the risk of unpleasant foot odor.

The slim fit design of the socks makes them suitable for use during workouts and it also means that they can be worn underneath clothes.

Danish Endurance Organic Compression Socks are manufactured in the US. There are three sizes to choose among – take a look at the manufacturer’s chart to see what EU size corresponds to the respective US size you’re interested in.

MD USA Ribbed Cotton Blend Compression Socks

MD USA Ribbed Cotton Blend Compression Socks are according to buyers much more comfortable than the standard compression socks that are made of nylon and spandex. Cotton is simply softer and much more breathable.

These therapeutic cotton compression socks feature graduated compression in the 15 to 20mmHg range. As such, they are suitable for use during workouts, on the job and during travel. The socks are also ideal for pregnant women that suffer from swelling or leg pain.

Additional cushioning is available in the foot of the sock. This cushioning is needed to absorb the shock and vibrations during high impact activities like jogging and step aerobics, for example.

These socks are available in two sizes – medium (corresponding to men’s shoe sizes five to 10 and women’s shoe sizes six to 10) and large (corresponding to men’s shoe sizes 10 to 12 and women’s show sizes 10 to 13).

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