March 31, 2016

10 Benefits of Maternity Compression Socks

Benefits of maternity compression socks

Pregnancy can be a tough time for pregnant women, who already have a number of physical changes to cope with. Due to all of the changes with the mother during this time they develop a lot of aches and pains which can make pregnancy an even more stressful time then it already is. If you are unsure what compression socks are check out our comprehensive article on them here.

10 Benefits of Maternity Compression Socks

1. Preventing Tissue Expansion

In some cases the tissues in the legs expand and make in look like your legs have swelled up wheni in fact the tissue just hasn’t been supported enough. Wearing compression socks tightens the tissues and keeps them in the right place so they don’t expand.

2. Improved Circulation

Women who wear compression socks can have improved circulation. When pregnant the body uses a lot of blood and sends it to the uterus. This sometimes causes the legs and feet to get numb. Wearing compression socks forces an easier blood flow to the feet and creates circulation.

3. Issues After Pregnancy

After being pregnant there are also issues that arise when it comes to a women’s legs and ankles. In some cases women have veins that start to show through the skin more then they usually did. This is because the blood flow and muscles in the legs weren’t being helped by compression socks. Using compression socks after child birth can help prevent this from happening. But to be certain using compression socks during pregnancy and not just after would help immensely.

4. Help Prevent Edema

Edema is the collection of water in the tissue and muscles in your body. This happens when your muscles are constantly having force put on them without any support. Compression socks give women the support they need so they don’t have to worry about things like edema.

5. Leg Discomfort

The legs are very important to women. Women often like to wear skirts or clothing that shows off their legs. If however your legs are feeling a strong level of discomfort you will think that there are visible signs that your legs aren’t healthy. Compression socks are designed to keep discomfort at bay and allows you to have a night out on the town every once in a while where you don’t wear them because you will feel good about how you look with the bonus of having no pain.

6. Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis for those of you who don’t know is when there is a clot being built up in the veins. This happens sometimes in pregnant women because the body reacts differently when all the blood is being used for other reasons in the body. Compression socks keep the blood flow nice and constant so the chance of getting vein thrombosis is lowered.

7. Prevent swelling

The extra weight that you gain when pregnant can be a shock to your body. Some people are able to carry the extra weight without any problems, there are other though who have never had to carry any weight around on their bodies at all and therefore sometimes will get swelling in the legs and ankles. Compression socks keep muscles nice and tight therefore reduce the risk of swelling greatly in those areas.

8. Relieve Tired Achy Feet

Pregnant woman are always complaining about sore and achy feet, and with great reason. Carrying around all that extra weight can be a large burden for women. By wearing compression socks women will relieve these aches and pains while the muscles in their legs are tighter and creating a better blood flow.

9. Fashionable

Most women are concerned about how they will look while wearing maternity socks. But these socks have been made specifically with that in mind and look exactly like any normal pair of knee high socks.

10. Affordable

Compression socks are not very expensive for the amount that they do to help your body. If you are looking to help your overall health then spending a small amount of money should hurt.

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