April 14, 2016

3 Best Mens Compression Shirts

best mens compression shirts

When was the last time you went to the gym? If the answer was 10 years ago, then you were probably witness to the baggy, sweat pant look as the uniform apparel.

The craziest thing about the sweat pants and oversized matching shirts was not that it was people disguising their bodies as they tried to whittle away fat, but it became a fashion beyond the gym.

Sweatpants took on the same statement but in hugely different colors and fabrics as people wanted that overall comfort. Yoga pants broke everything open. Now take a look at any gym today and you will see a common thread of change.

While the snug feel of yoga pants still exists, look closer. What you are probably seeing is sleek, tight workout gear known as compression clothing. From head to toe there is a wide appeal towards adorning these garments. But why?

Fitness clothing is the hottest functional clothing on the market today due to its ability to serve health and wellness in a sharp way. There is a science behind this clothing trend.

Why Wear Compression Shirts for Working Out?

Compression shirts for instance, provide a balanced pressure over specific body parts as a way to improve circulation, maximize oxygen delivery, and enhance your fitness performance.

If you have the opportunity to increase your body’s prime functioning internally, then of course you are going to invest in compression clothing. This only makes sense to those who are committed to the journey of self-improvement.

best mens compression shirts

The bonus of wearing men’s compression shirts to work out is the anti-bacterial properties found in the materials used for this type of clothing. For those who tend to sweat a lot, these garments draw moisture away from the body.

Ask anybody who is an advocate of compression gear and they will tell you they love how they feel while wearing these sleek items. There is a terrific physiological benefit happening while you work out in compression clothing—you feel more motivated and pumped up all while having a good self-image.

It is nearly impossible to watch any sporting event now without seeing athletes wearing some kind of compression clothing. Some of these athletes will swear by these garments improving their performance, citing reduced soreness, reducing fatigue and giving them an edge in competition.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for reasons to try men’s compression shirts, tights or shorts. The evidence behind compression clothing begins its roots from the medical field and extends into many different positive directions from there.

If you are new to this mindset, but want to try these garments out before you hit the gym again, there are some compression items which are better than the next. It all becomes dependent on manufacturer, design, and compression level.

3 Best Mens Compression Shirts

The best men’s compressions shirts available today are UA's Recharge Energy shirt, 2xU Elite Long Sleeve Compression, and Adidas Techfit Powerweb. Getting right to the point, the reason these are the best is because of the fit.

Aside from the fact you look and feel like a superhero, these three companies kick all competition when it comes to high performance clothing.

#1 A’s Recharge Energy shirt

mens compression shirt

This men's compression shirt is the cream of the crop in men’s compression shirts. This company notoriously puts out quality gear. In fact, if you cruise over to their website, this shirt is always sold out. The optimal way to get this gold piece is to go to Amazon. You will actually save 5 to 10 dollars too.

Cutting to the chase, this compression shirt has a super-tight fit to help muscles repair and to reduce any soreness. UA includes Moisture Transport System and Anti-Odor technology in all their fitness clothing. Their products do exactly what they are defined to do.

#2 2XU Mens Compression Shirt

mens compression shirts

2XU is another compression product taking athletic performance to a whole new level. Their line of compression clothing is impressive and solid in delivery. The edgy appeal goes further than looks though with technology designed into their compression gear to be perfectly functional.

If you take a closer look at the amazing 2XU compression clothing, you will notice how much intention went into designing these products. The men’s compression shirt not only sports PWX FLES and PWX WEIGHT technology, the lycra material is also infused with 50SPF sun protection for a breathable, anti-odorless, healing and high performance compression garment.

This is another high-in-demand compression shirt which may be difficult to find in stock.

#3 Adidas TechFit PowerWeb

compression shirts for men

Finally, you are most likely familiar with the Adidas name and reputation. People either genuinely love or dislike Adidas products. However, Adidas does know what they are doing in the fitness gear industry.

This compression shirt also uses top-of-the-line technology. It is a snug fit using TECHFIT and CLIMALITE technology to stabilize muscles, improving posture and overall performance.

If you are serious about your workouts and want to maximize your fitness results, this is the new way to train.

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