March 8, 2017

4 Best Compression Gear

compression gear

The world of compression gear changes all of the time. Companies are constantly working on innovations that offer better muscle support, more comfort and sufficient compression to enhance circulation.

There are many options to choose among but some products are simply superior. Here’s the best 2016 compression gear according to our experts.

RecoFit Compression Tights

When it comes to innovative products, this one is a definite winner. The Reco Fit Compression Tights are available solely for women and while costly, they deliver in a couple of ways.

The tights are crafted from a carbon-based fabric. This material is especially chosen due to the circulation enhancements it brings to the table. As a result, athletes and exercisers wearing the tights are capable of getting more oxygen and nutrients to their muscles. Apart from enhancing circulation, the specialized fabric offers ribbed massage while the tights are being worn.

The design is comprised of individual panels, each one designed to offer support to a specific muscle. Gradient compression is available, meaning that it’s strongest in the bottom part of the tights and decreases upwards.

Several other features are worth mentioning and these include moisture wicking properties, heat dissipation, a supporting waistband, breathable mesh behind the knees

According to the manufacturer’s official website, the company is currently working on a similar product for men.

Sugoi Men’s Piston 200

As the name suggests, the compression tights are especially created for the needs of male athletes.

Sugoi Men’s Piston 200 is a piece of therapeutic graduated compression gear. The tights are crafted from 72 percent nylon and 28 percent spandex – a lightweight and very durable combination. The compression is mild and while some athletes would definitely opt for more support, the tights still deliver in terms of reducing muscle fatigue/enhancing circulation.

As the name indicates, the tights feature the company’s Piston 200 fabric. The range also features Piston 230 and Piston 140. Piston 230 is the fabric best suited for use during extreme workouts. Piston 200 will be perfect for people who exercise a lot but aren’t pushing themselves too hard.

Flat seams are incorporated in the design to maximize comfort by reducing chaffing. The tights also feature a laser cut hem and a comfortable elastic waistband. The breathable fabric is also moisture wicking, which enhances comfort during intense workout.

Apart from tights, the Piston 200 range by Sugoi features shorts, socks and calf sleeves.

SureSport Arm Compression Sleeves

Upper body compression garments are often ignored because the legs have to deal with the strongest impact during exercise. Nevertheless, upper body compression garments can be equally beneficial.

SureSport Arm Compression Sleeves feature graduated compression, once again enhancing the circulation of blood and the oxygenation of muscle tissue. Support is provided to the forearm, the biceps and the triceps.

These sleeves are perfect for weight lifters, basketball players, softball, triathlon practitioners and other athletes that want to reduce the risk of muscle soreness in the arms. A latex-free design ensures comfort and sufficient compression without irritation.

Apart from being great in terms of supporting the muscles, the arm sleeves can also be used to warm up the muscles. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for the individuals that like to exercise outdoors and the ones that have their workout regime undisturbed in the winter.

Enerskin Unisex Calf Sleeve Set

While being somewhat costly, the Enerskin Unisex Calf Sleeve Set has many great characteristics that justify the expenditure.

The calf sleeves feature 75 percent polyester/rayon fabric and 25 percent Xtra Life Lycra. Medical-grade silicone taping is also available, which combines with the compression to deliver even more pronounced therapeutic benefits.

Because the compression calf sleeves feature Enerskin’s Gastex trio of materials. As a result, the sleeves offer compression when needed, after which they can deliver sufficient elasticity. The trio ensures effective pressure distribution for ultimate muscle support.

These calf sleeves can be used to enhance performance, protect the calves against injury and treat issues like foot cramping, swelling, plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, heel pain and general leg pain. The graduated compression is sufficient enough to address all of these issues.

Apart from this wonderful item, the Enerskin range features an array of other compression products. These include knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, compression shorts, compression t-shirts and tank tops.

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