April 1, 2016

5 Simple Facts About Padded Compression Shirt Explained

padded compression shirt

As sport and competition increases the technology protecting athletes must develop as well. Professional and amateur athletes around the world are utilizing compression garments in a variety of capacities for a number of different sports. The addition of the padded compression shirts to athlete’s regular attire provides a number of distinct advantages.

Facts About Padded Compression Shirts

1. Safety

The added protection athletes have when they wear the padded compression shirt is paramount. As athletes become stronger and faster the technology protecting them must become more in depth. The padded compression shirt does just that, it provides an added level of safety while not limiting the athlete in any way. Baseball is a great example of where a padded compression shirt can provide an athlete with an added level of safety while not affecting a batter/pitchers motion. Rugby is another sport where added protection in the form of padded compression shirts could prevent serious injuries with a simple yet hidden form of protection.

2. Cost of Padded Compression Shirts

padded compression shirts

The ability to combine padding and compression wear has the ability to drastically drop the cost for an athlete or an organization. The combination garment is a perfect opportunity to transition athletes from larger more noticeable padding, some of which you can see wrapped around baseball batters arms when they approach the plate, to a more streamlined aerodynamic look and feel. This will eliminate the need to purchase both padding and compression wear thus saving money.

3. Comfort

The ability to combine and eliminate external padding helps an athlete feel more fluid in every motion. Compression shirts are known for their comfort and form fitting while padding is often an element that is “in the way” or limits mobility. The combination of the two provides a more comfortable versatile athlete and ultimately improves performance. Athletes around the world search for comfortable clothing to provide them with an added edge, an element that padded compression illustrates.

4. Reliability

Athletes exert high amount of physical stress on their bodies throughout a career both professional and amateur. This means the gear and clothing they wear must be reliable and hold up to the stress of competition. Padded compression clothing is highly reliable as it is most commonly worn under the top layer providing less contact and wear and tear than common outer padding. Athletes must be able to rely on their equipment and focus on the game at hand something padded compression shirts provides.

padded compression shirts

5. Strength

As sports continue become faster and faster the clothing and gear must develop accordingly. Padded compression shirts provide an added level of strength as they are built and engineered to withstand some of the hardest hitting sports on the globe. Under Armour is known for their padded compression shirts and the strength of their clothing and gear in general. The padded compression shirt is a relatively new product that provides a great advantage to both amateur and professional athletes.

Examples of Common Padded Compression Shirts on the Market

Football is known as one of the toughest and hardest hitting sports in the world, the constant contact takes its toll on the human body. The padded compression shirt seen below helps mitigate the constant impacts felt and limits the risk of injury.

padded compression shirt

Hockey is as physical as it gets in the world of sports, thus any added protection is of great benefit. The garment shown below illustrates a padded compression shirt that can be worn underneath equipment without compromising mobility.

padded compression shirt for hockey

Compression clothing will continue to develop and improve providing athletes with an unprecedented advantage. Technology is improving rapidly and will continue to affect the way that compression shirt impacts sports. Garments will continue to become more and more engineered and play and even more significant role in the world of sports. Compression shirts are a relatively new technology and will continue to improve the level of sports around the world, and continue to play a significant role in the protection of athletes.

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