April 15, 2016

Are You Paying Attention To Compression Shirt Benefits?

compression shirt benefits

The subtle growing trend of compression clothing is causing quite a stir of controversy amongst consumers. Curiosity has given way to nay-sayers shunning the benefits of these functional garments. In order to understand compression, you have to know how it originated.

Compression use goes all the way back to human medicine in 400 BC, and pushes forward to around a half century ago. Doctors began using graduated compression stockings for their patients after post-operative surgeries. Treatments for swelling disorders like Lymphedema have seen the positive results from compression.

Medical journals throughout the world have advocated compression benefits. It is well-documented that graduated compression is healing.

What Does Compression Really Do?

Graduated compression improves venous return and circulation in the body to aid in quicker recovery times from injuries. It became highlighted after sports scientists discovered it was a great benefit for athletes to wear these garments during activities and even after activities to increase oxygen availability to muscles. This also helped to significantly reduce lactic acid production in the body’s system.

It was discovered then that gradient compression garments helped athletes to stay at the peak of their performance longer and perform better. Today, the world’s top athletes use compression gear as a primary part of their daily routine. By wearing compression shirts you will have these benefits:

compression shirt benefits
  • Improves blood flow for any circulation issues
  • Increased blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients are being delivered to the muscles to prevent swelling
  • Reduces DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) DOM occurs 24-72 hours after intense exercise, impacting subsequent performances
  • Flushes out waste by-products especially lactic acid and carbon dioxide
  • Enhances recovery time from injury
  • Physiological advantages
  • It aids in proprioception which is how you sense your body positioned in space. Efficiency in movement is improved by reducing the amount of muscles which need to be activated. The end result is you are less tire
  • Sun Protection is infused into the clothing with the latest technology offering a 50 SPF sun protection rating
  • Technology has also allowed for the inclusion of anti-bacterial and anti-odorless within breathable fabrics.
  • Moisture is repelled away from the body

The Other Side of Compression Shirts

Now that you are familiar with the advantages of wearing a compression shirt, there is something happening beyond this. Fashion has got a stronghold on designs.

In case you haven’t noticed compression shirts are a hot item to wear. As the world applauds super heroes and unlikely warriors, the world of fashion is right on board with compression shirts.

Do you like Superman? Or maybe Batman is more your style? Regardless, there is a superhero compression shirt for everyone. If you are a fan of Hunger games, manufacturers of compression shirts are rolling out this fitness look for tough athletes.

compression shirt benefits

Why did it come to this? Because the nature of compression shirts means you have to wear them tight against your skin. The Lycra or Spandex fabrics are toning and defining instantly. So, that big Superman emblem is going to take on new meaning when it is snug across your chest.

The popularity of this clothing is only going to continue to burst as designers get more into technology to provide better functionality wear. Clothes that perform are not going away.

Also to think about is embodied cognition which is the science of how we think about ourselves and others wearing certain types of clothes. When we put on different clothing, we are ready to take on the ‘role’ associated with those specific clothes, and it affects our abilities. Compression gear holds the ability to pump people up and get them charged to perform activities better. They also feel good in this ‘role’. The physiological affect cannot be undermined in any sense with compression clothing.

Compression shirts, pants, shorts, socks and all other compression gear is a positive force for change in lifestyle. Perhaps by throwing on a snug super-hero shirt is the first step to getting outside in fresh air or walking into the gym.

Expect to see this performance wear to trickle out into mainstream in a bold statement of life well-lived. As advancements in technology are made, functional clothing which inspires the mind and heals the body is going to be the g0-to wear. The designs and fabrics are futuristic in look, feel, and purpose.

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