September 5, 2017

Best Calf Compression Sleeve for Soccer

Best Calf Compression Sleeve

Getting a right size calf sleeve for soccer is important crucial to make sure you have calf sleeve that will fit you and the right compression. Although the size may vary depending on companies the manufacture them, you will be able to get your fit if you measure the calf size using the most wide point.

Calf sleeves offer similar advantages to compression stockings and compression socks. This type of compression sleeve is generally used to increase performance and recovery. Many are designed to promote circulation of blood and flow to the legs, which can relieve the holds, squash bone and overall tightness and fatigue in the legs.

What a good calf compression sleeve for soccer should have

  • Stylish Design: If you need to use a compression sleeve, you need something you can bring anywhere. Therefore, the soccer sleeve should be thin and lightweight, so you can wear it under your clothes.
  • Promote faster recovery: you can always go back to the field and shoot targets when you wear a soccer sleeve.
  • It should be made of soft materials: compression soccer handles are elastic but lightweight, so you can wear them perfectly for long periods while recovering your sports injuries.
  • Gradual compression: Soccer sleeves need a zone compression technology that will give you the added support of medical grade compression, where you need it most.

1. Danish Endurance Calf Sleeve

Danish Endurance Calf Sleeve

It is one of the most reliable sleeves in the world because it has been tested in the laboratory and its performance has been proven and is therefore used by most people in different fields, not just soccer. This calf sleeves has been tested by the Swiss MSTT (Medical Stocking Testing Technology).

Why buy this Calf Sleeve?

  • Affordable
  • Anatomical accuracy
  • Durable
  • It has passed a laboratory and field trial

2. Zensah Calf Sleeves

Zensah Calf Sleeves

The Zensah calf sleeves are made for those who engage in vigorous activities. They are characterized by the sleeves capability to relieve themselves of the shin bars without affecting the calf support. Zensah sleeves help in blood circulation for quick muscle regeneration.

Why buy these calf sleeves?

  • Minimize vibration and muscle oscillation and relieve swelling.
  • Help in blood circulation and ensures quick muscle regeneration. Helps in moisturizing and the moisture keeps the skin fresh and in return you feel much more comfortable.
  • Improving levels of oxygen in the blood, hence it helps to enhance flow of blood throughout the body.

3. The progressive calf + 2.0 by the CEP men

The progressive calf + 2.0 by the CEP men

These sleeves help to stabilize the muscles of the calf muscles and can reduce cramps in the legs. These calves also give a constant compression on the calf, while the complete compression of the ankle to the calf causes the circulation.

Why should I buy these calf Sleeves?

  • It has the best anatomical fit which enhances comfort and hence making these compression sleeves best for training.
  • The design also promotes the management of heat and humidity so you can wear these sleeves all year round.
  • Microfiber technology provides confines and other combination of materials makes these sleeves sufficiently elastic for active people.

4. 2XU Compression Run Sleeves

2XU Compression Run Sleeves

If you have already experienced rubbing and seams, you will appreciate the seamless design of these sleeves. These compression sleeves are ideal for training and recreation. Graduated compression helps increase circulation, which promotes circulation.

Why buy these Sleeves?

  • Sleeves minimize muscle vibration to reduce fatigue in the lower limbs.
  • The material is antibacterial and has a sun protection UPF 50+.
  • You get a graduated fit that increases muscle performance and can speed recovery.
  • With a high filament, it retains moisture from the skin and keeps the skin dry.
  • The compression fabric supports the calf, ankle and tibia with the greatest compression force on the tibia and calves.

5. Calf R2 Compression Sleeve Compress port

Calf R2 Compression Sleeve Compress port

The calf R2 compression sleeve, are better for recovery and races. You can also use them for training. Has special feature as a micro-massage fiber.

Why buy these calf Sleeves?

  • The material absorbs moisture and helps keep skin comfortable and is tear-resistant when used normally.
  • These calves help to boost levels of oxygen in your muscles as an athlete so you can perform to the desired level over a longer period of time.
  • They also help prevent or minimize muscle aches by absorbing shocks and vibrations in joints.

6. 2XU Compression Calf Guard

2XU Compression Calf Guard

If you are looking for a lightweight sleeve you will pick these calves monitors without compromising performance or function. Despite their lightweight construction, these sleeves have graduated compression to improve blood circulation.

Why buy these calf sleeves?

  • These sleeves have antibacterial and sun protection properties UPF 50+
  • They can also help minimize lower extremity fatigue by reducing muscle vibration and pain.
  • A flat seam provides friction and distortion.
  • ​It has a high thread wick, which retains moisture from the surface of the skin.
  • Designed to provide specific support for the calf and pimples.

Importance of Soccer Calf Sleeve

  • Compression sleeves help get rid of old cells and deoxygenated blood and help replace it with fresh, complete blood. This will improve your performance in the field.
  • Your body heals over time, but it heals faster when using a compression sleeve with rest and ice. This is why is you are a soccer player either you are at the pitch playing or training you should always wear the compression sleeves.
  • If you are hurt, the pain and swelling is likely to occur. It is a natural reaction of the body, but the handle of the calf helps you control the swelling. If you put on the calf sleeves you will be able to reduce swelling on the injured part which in turn will reduce the pain you will be feeling.
  • Liquids and old blood tend to accumulate at the site of an injury, so compression soccer sleeves help eliminate these unnecessary fluids.


The above list listed the six best calf sleeves for soccer that you can buy. All the listed calf sleeves are of high quality and, depending on your options, any of the above will gives you better results.

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