May 28, 2017

Best Compression Elbow Sleeve Brands

Compression elbow sleeves are starting to become very common in the workplace and especially among athletes and individuals who go to the gym on a regular basis. Your elbow is one of the most commonly used joints in the whole body, you use it every time you move your arms. Compression elbow sleeves have been created for your protection, and the prevention of further injuries. Many people who use compression sleeves feel better the very next day, if you are using them to play a sport like golf or tennis the compression sleeves allow you to play with less pain and feel the after effects of using your joint nonstop for a couple hours a lot less.

Your elbows are surrounded by ligaments around the joint and sometimes those ligaments can get aggravated and take a long time to heal, wearing elbow compression sleeves creates a comforting padding surrounding the injury and allows you to work without thinking about the injury all day long.

Below are 4 different brands to consider when buying compression elbow sleeves. Take your time to read through them and do some additional research. This is something that should take some time, your health is very important and you should buy a compression sleeve that is perfect for your individual needs.


The first sleeve on our list is the Neoprene sleeve. One of the benefits to buying a Neoprene sleeve is that the package comes with two sleeves for the price of one. This product can be used by both women and men. The padding on this sleeve is pretty thick, measuring at 5mm which keeps you very safe if you are playing a sport that might have you diving on the floor for any reason.

The Neoprene sleeve isn’t very expensive, you get the two sleeves for about $35. Now this sleeve does only come in the standard black, which is fine because black goes with almost all outfits. Another benefit of this sleeve is that it comes with a one year warranty. There are a lot of different sizes to choose from (6 total) which means you shouldn’t have any issues finding the correct size for your needs. This product is used in a large variety of ways such as weight lifting, tennis, basketball, and lifting anything at work.


Now just like the name suggests, the copper compression recovery elbow sleeve is made out of copper. Usually this product is 85-90% made out of copper, which makes this the highest copper content in any compression sleeve. They are so serious about having the highest copper percentage that they have a money back guarantee if you find another product that has more. The copper compression sleeve does only come with one sleeve, so if you are having pain in both elbows you will have to spend a little more.



Now we talked about the Neoprene sleeve already but we didn’t mention that some people actually have an allergy to Neoprene. This is where the elastic come in handy. The McDavid sleeve is one of the most comfortable sleeves on the market and assists with keeping the heat inside which helps a great deal in relieving pain in the elbow.

Being made out of mostly polyester, rubber, and nylon makes the McDavid 512 elastic elbow sleeve one of the most comfortable to wear and is also extremely safe for your skin.



As you might have guessed by the name, this elbow sleeve is primarily used for athletes and is very effective. The Kunto fitness elbow sleeve is a little tighter than the rest of the sleeves mentioned in this article, although it is made from an elastic which does still allow you to have your full range of motion which is very important to individuals who enjoy going out and playing a round of golf or a game of tennis. If the Kunto didn’t allow you to have your full range of motion no one would buy it, and since there are a large amount of reviews for this product, mostly being positive you know that this sleeve is one of the better sleeves you can buy as an athlete.

The tightness that this elbow sleeve provides gives users the much needed pain relief that they have been needing, it reduces joint discomfort also and allows you to feel less pain throughout the day after you’ve played any sport.

Above are some very good products that will reduce pain in your elbows. Finding something that is perfect for you is the most important which is why you should take the time to try all these elbow sleeves for yourself before you make a choice of which one you want to buy. This is your health we are talking about and nothing but the best is what you should buy. If you end up buying one that is too tight you may end up feeling more discomfort along with less range of motion for all your daily activities, and of you buy a sleeve that is too loose then you won’t feel anything at all, you might as well not have bought one in the first place. So please take your time and find one that is perfect for you.

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