September 27, 2017

Best Compression Jacket For Running

Compression Jacket

Running is a form of exercise that requires your whole body to be quite active. Yes, most of the strain is put on the legs as they control most of the motion. However, the motion of running requires your whole body to move be it forward or backward. Your arms and chest are very active throughout the whole process and you want to make sure that they are compressed well for the run.

Compression wear helps your muscles perform at an optimal level. It reduces the chances of injury and keeps your muscles compressed. The compression of the muscles increases the blood flow to the muscle which helps it perform much better. That is why compression wear is becoming more popular with athletes around the world and major brands are putting a lot of focus on it.

We have picked out three of the best compression jacket for those that enjoy running. These jackets will keep you in top shape for your run.

Jed North Men's Workout Compression Hoodies Gym Running Jacket

Compression Hoodies Gym Running Jacket

Our rating:

Cost: $$


  • Comfortable material
  • Great compression


  • Design is quite simple and limited color options

If you are looking for a compression jacket that provides great comfort and compression then this Jed North Compression Hoodie Jacket is for you. When it comes to compression wear, you want top quality otherwise there are chances that the clothing may tear. You don’t have to worry too much with this jacket as it is made with 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The two material enable it to provide comfort and give it the stretching functionality that provide exceptional compression to your arms and upper body. It also ensures that you are able to properly move out and about without any restrictions.

The design won’t blow you away as it is quite simple. Perfect for runners, who don’t really need too much design. For runners this is the perfect jacket, it provides them with the compression they need to keep their upper body active while they run.

Belleap UV Protection Men's Compression Long Sleeve Zip up Track jacket Sportswear

Compression Zip up Track jacket

Our rating:

Cost: $


  • Material protects from UV rays
  • Decent compression material


  • No hoodie and limited color options

This Belleap track jacket won’t blow you away with its design. It does however serve its purpose of providing compression for the upper body as you go for your run. Made of mostly polyester and 8% spandex the fit of the jacket is well. The material protects you from UV rays from the sun, so you can go for your jog during the day without being worried. The material is similar to dri-fit which means that sweat is quickly dried up.

The jacket allows you to move about with ease. While some compression wear may leave you stiff, this jacket gives you the chance to move your arms freely.

Vansydical Athletic Compression Running Jacket

Compression Running Long Sleeve Shirt

Our rating:

Cost: $$


  • Dri-FIT technology
  • Compression wear provides great compression for upper body


  • No design, comes in just 2 color

Made with polyester-blend the Vansydical Athletic Compression Running Jacket is a great jacket for those that go on runs often. The material is very light and covers the upper body well. The jacket comes with Dry-FIT technology which ensures you stay cool and dry while you go for your run. It feels pretty good on your skin, it's so light that many would probably choose to wear it without a shirt under it.

The design of the jacket is the simplest out of the three. It is just a plain color jacket and comes in black and grey. As far as compression performance goes, it isn’t as good as the other two jacket but the fact that this jacket has dry-FIT and employs it well makes it a wonderful jacket for runners.

When it comes to buying compression jacket, you want to get one that is light and uses both polyester and spandex. This will ensure that the jacket allows proper mobility while also giving you the right amount of compression so you can perform at your optimal level.

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