June 10, 2017

Best Shin Splint Compression Sleeve

Splint Compression Sleeve

Shin splints describe the pain felt along the inner edge of the shin bone. The shin is the front of a leg below the knee, this is where the shin splint pain concentrates, between the ankle and the knee.

Shin splint pain is also referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome, (MTSS).

Excessive stress and repetitive use may cause an overload on the shin bone or the tibia causing shin splints. The frequent overuse tends to pull the muscle edges away from the bone, leading to an inflammation of the periosteum and the injured muscle.

The shinbone and the tibia muscles can be overused through increased running, quick changes in training exercises, putting on flimsy shoes or shoes that are worn out in the soles or performing activities over hard surfaces for some time, a long period of time.

Shin splints are rarely serious. It normally goes away in no time, and without serious treatments. And one of the leading doctor’s prescriptions for shin splint is the use of compression sleeve to eradicate the pain.


Shin Splint Compression Sleeve

These are sports medical devices evaluated and designed by a medical professional to relieve symptoms of discomfort and pain that are related with shin splints.

They are unique and provides gentle compression forces as they firmly support the lower leg soft tissue and muscles.

Compression sleeves enable the artery walls to dilate thus increasing blood flow through them. More nutrients and oxygen thus flow through the body.

Compression also enables the walls of the veins to construct, which helps in increasing the blood flow velocity through them up to the heart, this, in turn, helps in quick recovery and decrease of muscle soreness.

Lastly, compression helps in lowering fatigue by stabilizing muscle and decreasing the amount of muscular vibration

Compression sleeves are great for shin splints, as they help one feel better during recovery and also helps during the race or workout routine.


Some of the best compression sleeves for shin splints include

First of all, before choosing a compression sleeve certain factors need to be observed

The style; choose one you comfortable with and that matches your lifestyle.

Compression Strength; Go for a sleeve that provides an adequate amount of strength, the severity of the injury taken into account

Wearability; A flexible, comfortable sleeve is the one to choose


1. Calf Compression Sleeves -Run Forever

Amazon Price ranges from $9.99 to $19.99

Color: Black

Fit As expected 78%

From the brand Run Forever Sports, the premium grade leg compression sleeve is appropriate for daily needs. It is hard enough with a high breathability which ensures maximum flow of blood to perfect the athletic abilities.

They are designed to fit the leg as expected, as they are made of high-quality material making them durable, its firmness allows increased blow around one's leg hence keeping the muscles warm.

The firmness is also resistant enough to back up the leg and enhancing the athletic activities.

The Run Forever Sports will ensure that you get a compression sleeve strong enough to hold the foot and also the one that fits.


2. Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Price on Amazon $20.00

Color: Heather Grey

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

These compression leg sleeves are great for anybody that has suffered a shin splint or runners. Its material component is mainly polyester at 49%, 41% nylon, and 10% spandex, giving the best calf sleeve for any athlete.

Designed by the brand Zensah, the compression sleeves ensure that one stays dry and lightweight throughout the workouts by providing the ultimate comfort and best moisture wicking while preventing odors.

At the back of Zensah sleeves is a micro ribbon which provides maximum support and also prevents against injury chances.

Zensah Reviews

  • Zensah is a great alternative to kinesiology tape
  • Works well and easy to put on
  • Helps heal shin splints and they are perfect fit


3. Calf Compression Sleeves by Camden -Gear for both Men and Women

Price on Amazon $12.99

Color: Black

Fits as expected 84%

Brand; Camden Gear

Calf Compression Sleeves

Camden gears are easy, effective and safe. They offer real graduated compression of 25mmHg at the top and goes all the way to 20mmHg at the bottom of the sleeve

The graduated compression aims at increasing blood flow over the whole length of the sleeve and to the muscles.

The high-quality and stylish Camden compression sleeves are essential in supporting the lower leg as one recover from shin splint.

Camden Sleeves lowers muscles vibration during the running process and thus lowers fatigue.


  • Perfect fit and great value
  • The sleeves have excellent performance
  • They are great for recovery


4. Compressions Calf Compression Sleeves

Price on Amazon $14.99

Compressions Calf Compression Sleeves

The compression calf has a breathable fabric component of 12% spandex and 88% nylon that ensures maximum comfort.

They are unisex and are great since blood circulation is increased. They are designed for sizes 12”-19” and can be used by people who spend long hours on their feet, those who have to sit for long or those who suffer from the syndrome of the restless leg.

Relieves cases of varicose veins and they are a universal design with excellent quality fabric

Many users have opted for these compression sleeves over other brands because of their unique compression technology.


  • Fits perfectly and relieves sore calves
  • Perfect for the POTS sufferers
  • Works great from the first day


Meister Graduated 20-25mmHg Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

Price on Amazon $19.99

Color: Black

Brand: Meister MMA

Meister Graduated 20-25mmHg Compression Sleeves for Shin Splints

They have a unique ventilation that is designed to allow the skin to breathe as it wicks away moisture in order to maintain dry skin. The comfortable cuffs also keep the sleeves in ideal position.

Their versatility helps in alleviating pain and swelling that’s associated with shin splints and cramps, they at the same time give maximum performance in sporting exercise.


  • They provide instant relief
  • Provides great support and fits snug
  • They keep shins protected and warm



Compression sleeves for shin splints are very important for somebody who lives an active life. And the best sleeves can be helpful in relieving pain in the legs, without any reservations.

For the best compression sleeve for your shin splint please consult your physician.

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