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April 1, 2016

Which NBA Players Wear Compression Pants

compression pants for basketball

Before we get into the top NBA players that wear basketball compression pants. First it is important to know what kind of benefits that compression shorts can give athletes of all sports. You see people wearing compression pants in almost all sports now, including marathon runners, hockey players, tennis players, and basketball players. And here is why.

Benefits of Compression Pants for Basketball

Reduce muscle damage, while wearing compression pants your muscles are being tightened instead of flopping around like they usually are. This allows your muscles to stay in their natural position which means there is a far less likely chance of damaging any leg muscles.

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Less inflammation, Less muscle damage resulting from wearing compression pants means a lot less inflammation and subsequently a quicker recovery from any minor injuries that may occur while you are playing a sport or working out.

basketball compression pants

Reduce risk of injury and cramps. Tendinitis, shin splints, and muscular injuries are decreased when wearing compression pants. Limiting vibrations guarantees a better maintenance on your muscles and ensures less stress is being put on your tendons.

Improved performance. When wearing compression pants during sports not only are you protecting your muscles from being damaged but you are also increasing you ability to perform when needed most. When wearing compression pants your muscles are able to work at peak capacity ensuring that you are at your highest level of play. When wearing compression pants the blood is actually being pumped to the heart faster than normal, this allows for the body to heal faster as well as makes the body less tired over a longer period of time so you can be at your best the whole game without feeling as much fatigue as you would normally feel.

Non-Benefits of Wearing Basketball Compression Pants

There are not many cons to think of when talking about compression pants or just compression items in general. The one thing that does come to mind though is the price, these are not cheap items to buy, and if you plan on purchasing multiple pieces of compression pants or shirts be prepared to spend some money. Although expensive, it is worth the price to keep your body in the best possible shape you can.

Top NBA Players that Wear Basketball Compression Pants

Dwayne Wade has been one of the best basketball players on the planet for some time now. Although he is getting older now and has some knee issues he credits wearing compression pats and sleeves for helping him to have less pain and quicker recovery times. Dwayne Wade plays for the Miami heat and is looking for his third NBA championship.

basketball compression pants

LeBron James is also a player who wears compression pants from time to time, he wears them when he feels that his body is starting to get a little tired from playing heavy minutes in basketball games throughout his entire career. One game in particular that LeBron didn’t wear compression pants was in an NBA finals game wear he cramped up so badly that he has to be carried of the court. Now would compression pants have stopped this completely, its hard to say, but from what they are made to do its likely that they would have given him enough time to at least finish the game before he felt the cramps starting to come. LeBron James plays for the Cleveland cavaliers and is already considered one of the greatest NBA players of all time and also one of the best athletes on the planet right now.

basketball compression pants

Demar Derozen of the Toronto raptors also wears compression pants almost every game. Demar is currently the number one player in the NBA at drives to the net, this means he is getting hit constantly and falling to the ground and being put on the foul line. Wearing compression pants keeps his muscles strong and sturdy as he continues to relentlessly drive to the basket to get wins for his team in the clutch. Demar Derozen is currently on one of the hottest teams in the east and is looking to get out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time in his career.

basketball compression pants

This is just a short list of players who wear compression pants, there are a lot of players who wear them every game and the reason is simple, it helps them feel safe when they play so they can go out and perform at their best every night.

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