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June 23, 2016

How to Identify the Best Compression Shorts on the Market

Which pair of compression shorts out of the numerous options on the market is the right one for your needs? The question may be difficult to answer, especially if you don’t have an awful lot of experience with compression shorts.

When buying compression garments, there are a few important characteristics to pay attention to. The following buying guide will acquaint you with the basics, making it a lot easier to identify the best compression shorts.

Compression Short Materials

The fabrics that compression shorts are made of will be determining for the muscle support that you’re going to get. Thus, one of the most important specifics to examine is the material and their percentages.

The overwhelming majority of products on the market feature a Spandex and polyester blend. Nylon is another common material because it’s really stretchy and lightweight. The material dries fast and it’s also capable of wicking moisture away from the body.

Compression shorts should provide a tight fit. Thus, a higher Spandex percentage would be needed to deliver sufficient muscle compression. The shorts shouldn’t be excessively stretchy and elastic. The tighter the feel, the better the results are going to be.

Compression Sizing Considerations

Sizing is incredibly important for the purchase of compression shorts. If you buy an item that’s too big, you’re not going to benefit from the compression. Thus, companies that manufacture such garments should give their clients access to a sizing chart. Study it carefully and figure out which measurements you’ll have to take.

Usually, you’ll be required to measure your waist and your hips to choose the right size. Some companies may also have a couple of lengths. Use measuring tape to see how far down the leg the shorts are going to reach. The length you pick will depend entirely on individual preferences.

Don’t take the sizing chart of one brand for granted. Companies come up with compression short sizes in their specific way. You’ll need to revisit the size chart each time you like a pair of shorts. Chances are that you’ll come across sizing differences from brand to brand.

Keep in mind that some experienced athletes like to size down. This way, they’ll get optimal results every single time. In the beginning, stick to the recommendation in the manufacturer’s chart. Once you get more comfortable with compression shorts, you may want to test a smaller size.

Style and Design

You understand how fabrics and sizes affect the quality of compression shorts. It’s now time to pay attention to the style and the design.

There are a couple of designs you’ll come across during your search. Some compression shorts may feature a wide waistband for added comfort. Others are longer, providing compression to a bigger number of muscle groups.

Pay attention to the placement of the stitches, as well. Cleverly positioned and flat stitches will reduce the risk of chaffing and increase your range of motion. This feature is incredibly important for individuals involved in intense physical activities like jogging and cycling.

You should also pay attention to the places that feature the most compression. The design should provide sufficient support to the largest muscle groups. the construction of the shorts will provide a lot of information about the spots that the manufacturer has decided to reinforce.

If you can’t learn more about the design and the high intensity compression spots on your own, contact the respective company’s customer support. They should be capable of providing sufficient information and answering all of your questions.

A Few Additional Characteristics

The best compression shorts should have a couple of additional, very important characteristics:

  • Non-restrictive: the design of the compression shorts should be streamlined. Compression should be provided without restricting your range of motion.

  • Moisture wicking: quality compression shorts are made of fabrics that wick sweat and moisture away from the body, keeping you dry throughout the workout.

  • Breathable material: although compression and elasticity are very important, it’s also crucial to get a compression garment that’s made of a breathable fabric.

Most high quality compression shorts on the market correspond to these requirements but it’s certainly a good idea to double check. Take your time, shop around and compare products side by side. The more you get acquainted with different products, the easier it will be to identify the best compression shorts.

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