March 8, 2017

Colorful Compression Socks You will Love

Colorful Compression Socks

Do you want to stand out from the crowd when working out? If so, you need garments that are both functional and colorful. The market features dozens of printed and patterned compression socks that will give your legs sufficient support during the workout and that will look unbelievably cute with every outfit.

CompressionZ Compression Socks for Men and Women

CompressionZ is a company recognized for the quality and cost-efficiency of its compression garments. Apart from having socks in all of the standard colors, the company makes some varieties that feature fun prints.

CompressionZ Compression Socks for Men and Women come in 11 varieties. All of them are colorful and all of them will bring a smile to your face. Choosing one pattern or the other is simply a matter of individual preference.

These are a higher level of graduate compression socks – 20 to 30mmHg. As such, they can be used by people that stand up for long periods of time, the ones at risk of developing varicose veins, swelling or deep vein thrombosis.

Compression is strongest at the ankle, making it easier for the blood to move up the veins. The improved circulation reduces the risk of pain, swelling or venous issues in the legs.

Apart from this main characteristic, the socks feature anti-odor and anti-static fabric. They deodorize the legs and wick moisture away from the body. You’ll feel comfortable and dry, even if you have to wear the compression socks for multiple hours at a time.

The socks are available in four sizes for men and four sizes for women. The chart is based on shoe size, making it easy to pick the best possible option.

Celeste Stein Therapeutic Compression Socks

These socks feature a very mild form of therapeutic compression but they come with a spectacular and trendy pattern. The peacock design of the Celeste Stein Therapeutic Compression Socks turns them into a wonderful accessory that can be used to make a fashion statement.

The level of compression is very mild – eight to 15mmHg. As such, the socks are best for healthy individuals and the ones that have a moderately active lifestyle. They will provide a little bit of support and enhance the circulation but the socks can’t be used to address an injury or a venous problem.

The socks are available for people having a shoe size in the five to 11 (female) range. Apart from the peacock pattern, there are several other Celeste Stein designs to choose among. The most attractive ones include abstract roses, purple kiss, cupcakes, rouge plaid and purple angels.

Dr. Segal’s True Graduated Compression Energy Socks

Here’s another fun and functional product in the form of Dr. Segal’s True Graduated Compression Energy Socks. The colorful stripes make them suitable for both men and women that want to stand out. The socks are available in 17 color patterns and there are also six sizes for ladies and guys to choose among.

The socks feature a medium level of graduated compression in the 15 to 20mmHg range. They are made of cotton (45 percent), nylon (38 percent) and lycra (17 percent). The materials are lightweight, elastic and comfortable. The cotton makes the socks breathable while the other two materials ensure the mild level of compression.

SLS3 Women’s Graduated Compression Socks

This is a three-pack of colorful compression socks, giving you the best possible value for money. What’s even better, the SLS3 Women’s Graduated Compression Socks come in different colors and patterns to give you a little bit of variety.

The compression is high level and in the range of 20 to 30mmHg. The materials used in the construction of the compression garment include micro-nylon (76 percent) and spandex (24 percent). A higher percentage of spandex ensures more noticeable graduated therapeutic compression.

On top of these base features, the socks have a couple of additional design perks. The seamless construction reduces the risk of blister formation. Extra support is provided to the Achilles tendons, calves and ankles to reduce the risk of injuries. This is one of the reasons why the socks are an option of preference for professional athletes.

There are three sizes to choose among and the three-pack compression garments are also available in several color and pattern varieties.

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