April 20, 2016

Compression Leggings for Running

Are you an avid runner? Even if you are planning to run or even if you are just an observer of the sport, you should experience compression leggings for running. Nothing short of miraculous, this wear is the next best thing to receiving a full body massage.

What does compression wear do?

You cannot miss the trend into functional clothing. Why would you want to? Without the scientific explanations of innovative technology, simply wearing a pair of compression leggings just once will make you a believer.

They feel that good. Here are the reasons why:

  • Oxygen, Oxygen, Oxygen. Your blood flow is significantly improved through the gentle action of compression. Legs receiving this will be rejuvenated, less tired and less pain. Run further with more oxygen pumping through your blood.
  • Less wasted energy. Compression leggings reduce muscle oscillation, and lactic acid is flushed out which helps reduce or even eliminate muscle cramping.
  • Better running efficiency. Any area which may be prone to injury receives a nice cradling to reduce muscle oscillation and to keep muscles warm so they can work effectively.
  • Speedy recovery. Count on compression leggings to delay the onset of muscle soreness and reduce recovery time.

Compression buzzwords decoded

In case you need a little help understanding key lingo used to medically explain compression wear, this will help you as you pursue your compression legging experience:

  • Graduated or ‘Gradient’ Compression: Compression wear can be found in varying degrees of pressure. Gradient simply means the amount of squeeze at the beginning point to a gradual release at the end point.
  • DOMS: Also called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, this refers to the general stiffness which occurs after 24-72 hours of intense exercise.
  • Blood Lactate: This is more commonly known as lactic acid, and is a waste product in the human body. Raised levels of lactic acid lead to fatigue and a reduction in performance.
  • Muscle Oscillation: The natural vibration which occurs in the muscle as it either is flexed or experiences impact.EIMD: Also called Exercise Induced Muscle Damage, this is what the medical field uses to describe muscle tears and wear caused by exercise.
  • Venous Return: Abbreviated as VR, this term means the flow of blood back to the heart. You will often hear how compression wear can improve venous return.
compression pants for running

The Best Compression Pants for Running Brands

As you become familiar with compression gear, you will quickly discover not all compression gear is equal. There are many knock-offs flooding the market which are disappointing to the consumer who is truly wanting to feel the benefits of compression wear.

The brand names you are typically familiar with in sports-related areas are not the highest scoring amongst compression wear. While many popular name brands extend their sports collection to include articles like compression leggings, sleeves and socks, there are companies which specifically work hard to provide a genuine garment.

There is some fascinating patented technology being used for compression clothes like UVA/UVB sun protection, anti-mold and anti-sweat technology, and quick-dry moisture therapy. Add all this to the compression factor, and it makes for the ultimate luxury in functional clothing.

The best of the best in compression gear companies are as follows:

Under Armour makes excellent products, with a complete focus on consistently improving the functionality of their clothing. You will always find longevity in their fabrics and the necessary addition of moisture transport systems with anti-odor technology. These compression leggings are one of the most widely bought leggings on the market today and worn by non-runners as well. Check out these leggings.

CW-X is a premiere company dedicated to every detail in their clothing line, right down to reflective logos for at night. Like UA, they also have their own patented technology for compression wear. The Stabilyx system regulates body temperature plus provides extra support for stability. If you are big on running, these compression leggings will leave you all giddy. Take a look here.

Why do consumers love DR SKIN so much? Primarily it is because the clothing always fits the way it is supposed to. This accuracy is appreciated if you are an online buyer. They also use the latest in innovations to make certain their compression gear holds up to a gold standard in running apparel. Most of their compression line includes the UV 98.8 percent sun blocking and the moisture repels system. They are also less expensive than other quality brands. Learn more here.

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