May 24, 2017

Compression Shin Split Sleeves for Runners

Compression Shin Split Sleeves

You may have noted that after you increased the intensity and duration of your work outs you suffered shin split? Tell you what; we’ve got a solution for you. You can use the shin compression to reduce pain and help your shin to recover more quickly. The shin compression has been used by athletes to relieve fatigued muscles. Running with a shin splint is a horrible and painful experience by wearing shin splint compression sleeve you will be alleviating the pain and helping your body to recuperate faster.

Benefits of Compression Shin Split Sleeves

Carbon Infused to Increase Circulation

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The material used for making the compression sleeve is carbon infused to enhance circulation by using one’s own body. Enhanced circulation helps by moving the inflammation away from the hurting body tissues. It also energizes the tissues, thereby reducing fatigue.

Temperature Regulation

Another advantage of using the compression shin is the increased blood flow that helps keep the body temperature in check. The shin adds a warmth layer around the inflamed tissue which further alleviates the pain.

Boost the Healing Process

Increased circulation of the body healing cells around the inflamed tissues increases the healing process. If you are a professional athlete, this will mean a faster healing process and less benched sessions. The compression shin split sleeves help with all manner of sport injuries including stiffness, sore muscles, calf cramps etc.

The importance of the compression shin became popular during the 2012 Olympics when a silver medalist, Manteo Mitchell, was filmed running with them.


There are several types of compression shin split sleeves such as;

  • The calf sleeve that can be worn at all times including night. In fact, in some cases the calf sleeve should be worn while sleeping to reap maximum benefits.
  • The unisex shin sleeves that can be worn by people with varying calf circumference with available ranging between 12 and 20 inches.

Easy to Maintain

You can wash your compression sleeves shin splints using a washing machine by either warm or cold water or just tumble dry on low.

Creative Designs and Materials

The running shin sleeves come with all types of carbon infused material that include nylon, spandex and Lycra. The materials not only help with compression but also with durability.

Tips on Easing Pain after Running with Compression Sleeve

If you have an upcoming event but have shin splints, you do not have to cancel the event. You can use the compression sleeve and continue with your workout regimen.


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Engaging in a rigorous exercise too soon causes the shin splints on your front lower part of the leg. The pain usually fades as one runs. One of the most creative ways of treating a shin splint is to ret. You can run for a few days and then alternate with other less intensive exercises such as biking and swimming. As you return to running then your legs should be used to the pressure.

Carbon Infusion

Relying on just compression to increase the blood circulation in your system is not enough. Carbon infusion in the fibers ensures that the blood flows to the entire region on the calf that’s inflamed. When you are buying your compression sleeves, ensure that they are carbon enabled.

Regular Activity

One of the best ways to keep reduce the impact of shin splint on your lower foot is to regularly exercise. You will use the running shin sleeves on your foot to ward off the symptoms of shin splints.

Using Ice and Massaging the Calf

To reduce pain and inflammation on your calf you can use ice on the inflamed tissue and massaging the shin splints.

Gear Consideration

Your running gear should not only be the compression sleeve. You should wear shoes that are supportive of the compression sleeve that will not only treat shin splints but also treat time. You cannot run bare feet or minimalist shoes to avoid developing calf pains.

Shoe Insert

Shoe insert is a great way to correct gait abnormalities, over pronated foot, and flat foot. You will also need to pay attention to mid foot strike point, even strides or short strides. These conditions can heighten the risk of shin splints.

The affordable orthotics such as compression sleeves ensures that you lessen pain when you have to run with shin splints.

Important Features of a Good Compression Sleeves

The list below comprises of the features of great compression sleeves that prevents sports injuries such as shin splints. Take a look.

  • All your compression calf sleeves that are custom-made for shin splints must be made using therapeutic fabric.
  • All materials that are used to make compression sleeves for treating the shin splints should be infused with carbon, an element that has been noted for enhancing blood circulation.
  • The carbon is activated by the compression sleeve’s wearer body heat and then increases the circulation.
  • Any compression sleeves that has been made for shin splint should boost the circulation of blood to the skin and the muscles.
  • A good calf compression sleeve should enhance the quick recovery of the shin splints.
  • The compression sleeves has shin splint wraps that lessens pain, stiffness and swelling.
  • The Shin splint wraps on the compression sleeves is also used to treat aching and fatigued muscles.
  • Another feature of a calf compression sleeve is the ability to regulate the temperature.
  • The calf compression also serves an additional layer of warmth/protection against weather elements.
  • The compression sleeve can be worn round the clock, including while sleeping.
  • Compression sleeve treats sports injuries such as sore muscles, strained calves, shin splints and calf cramps.
  • Before you buy compression sleeve, you need to check the reviews it is going.
  • Note that the best compression sleeves are lightweight and low profile.
  • If you are an athlete, you will need to know that the calf sleeves are sold in a darker shade of gray and charcoal color.
  • Based on your calf circumference, the compression sleeves are available in 2 sizes and you can choose the one that best suits you.
  • This is the fabric composition of compression sleeves: 63%of carbon infused polyester, 27% nylon and 10% Lycra.

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