March 8, 2017

Compression Socks for Leg Pain

Compression Socks for Leg Pain

Do you experience frequent leg pain and fatigue after workouts or in the end of a workday? Chances are that you’re not taking proper care of your legs. Alternatively, you may have a circulatory problem that’s contributing to aches.

Compression socks offer a great solution. They support the big muscles in the leg and enhance circulation. People who wear compression socks for several hours each day (even throughout the day) experience less pain and fatigue after physical activity or standing up for prolonged periods of time.

Several types of compression socks are much better than others when it comes to addressing leg aches. Here are some of the top picks.

Blitzu Compression Socks

With a very big number of positive customer reviews, this product is one of the top picks for leg pain sufferers.

Blitzu Compression Socks are available in several colors and they come in multiple sizes suitable for the needs of both men and women. The garments feature graduated therapeutic compression of 20 to 25 mmHg. This means that the socks provide relief from pain, swelling and varicose veins.

There are several other characteristics worth mentioning. The Blitzu Kinesio Tape Ribbing Design is probably the most prominent one. The compression fabric comes together with kinesiology taping for optimal results. A lot of support is provided right where it’s needed – at the arch of the foot, the heel and the ankle.

Blitzu Compression Socks also feature power premium performance fabric that’s exceptionally long-lived, seamless toe construction for added comfort, a non-slip cuff, a comfort sole and vertical ribbing that provides additional support to the arch.

Wanderlust Air Travel Socks

While the name suggests that this item will appeal to frequent travelers who suffer from leg swelling and stiffness in the end of the flight, the Wanderlust Air Travel Socks will also be great for everybody else interested in pain reduction.

The socks are made of 80 percent cotton, nine percent nylon, six percent polyester and five percent lycra. This composition keeps the fabric breathable and ensures therapeutic graduated compression of 25 to 30 mmHg at the foot and ankle, 15 to 20 mmHg at the middle of the leg and 10 to 15 mmHg under the knee.

This design is needed to prevent swelling and pain in the case of individuals that remain on their feet for long periods of time and the ones that travel frequently.

Several other technologies ensure comfort. Wanderlust Air Travel Socks feature a seamless toe box that reduces the risk of blister formation, extra-soft padding, arch and heel support, antiembolic and circulatory design.

Finally, the item features adjustable leg cuffs that keep the socks from rolling down. The cuffs accomplish the task without feeling too tight or cutting off circulation.

Fytto Style 1020 Women’s Comfy Compression Socks

These compression socks have a beautiful appearance, which makes them quite different from the other entries in the list. The garment is designed for everyday us and it will even be suitable for the needs of ladies that are employed in the corporate world.

The Fytto Style 1020 Women’s Comfy Compression Socks are best for the needs of individuals that want to accomplish pain prevention and the management of mild leg pain. This is so since the graduated compression level is relatively low in comparison to what the other items on the list have to offer – 15 to 20 mmHg.

These knee-high socks are ergonomically designed to help improve circulation in the legs and reduce the risk of swelling. While they don’t seem to be as firm as some of the sportier models, the socks will still deliver sufficient therapeutic benefits (don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance!).

A bit of additional thickness is added to the heel, increasing stability and doing effective shock absorption. An elastic band in the top part of the sock will keep it in place throughout the day, reducing the risk of rolling down. At the same time, the band isn’t going to cut circulation off.

Fytto Style 1020 Women’s Comfy Compression Socks are available in a range of classic colors – black, brown, burgundy and nude. There are three sizes to choose among, based on shoe size.

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