March 29, 2016

Compression Socks for Nurses

compression Socks for Nurses

Nurses are notorious for pulling long shifts, and typically this means long hours of standing. It wasn’t so long ago A study was conducted to see if compression socks for nurses would be beneficial. The candidates they used for the study were those who worked 12 hour shifts regularly.

As the nurses lined up to receive their bounty of 15-20mmHg graduated compression socks, they expressed their symptoms of leg fatigue, achiness and swelling.

After the completion of the study, over 84 % of the participants noticed a significant improvement in overall leg health, with 74% stating a huge decrease in the swelling of their legs from wearing compression socks.

These findings prove the need for compression therapy for those whose occupations demand either prolonged standing or long bouts of sitting.  Compression therapy can be an essential health measure put in place for anybody to do. Keeping the blood circulating is vital to preventive health issues.  Compression therapy is essential wear for those worried about blood clots. Those with varicose veins, or who have just had surgery will truly benefit from the healing properties of compression socks. If you would like to view the best compression socks of 2016 click here.

Nurses can now choose from a wide variety of compression socks, as manufacturers have managed to crossover medical institutional socks of yesterday with the fashion flairs of today. For a better look at what is available for nurse in compression socks, we have compiled our favorites here.

Best Compression Socks for Nurses

Compression Support Socks for Men & Women by AprilTex

compression Socks for NursesThese compression socks by AprilTex are a simple design for the more conservative types at work. They offer a mild 17-22mmHG graduated compression in an all cotton –spandex blend. These are perfect for those long shifts where leg muscle pain tries to take over before the shift is done. The compression is moderate enough to wipe out that aching and rejuvenate the muscles.

They also are perfect for wearing every day, and as excellent athletic gear. Keep your blood pumping and your feet feeling good with a pair of these.


Miracle Copper Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks

compression Socks for NursesThere has been much hoopla around these compression socks lately. They are normal compression socks but with a twist. The designers managed to use copper-infused fibers into the blend. While it is only the mildest of compression value of 8-15mmHg, it appears the copper picks up the slack in the most beneficial way. This is great new technology. Made of nylon, copper, and spandex, these compression socks are interestingly popular, especially with those who are familiar with the healing properties behind copper. This has to be heaven for the feet.

With improved circulation, relief from pain, and reduced swelling, the compression socks are doing their job. These socks also include anti-microbial properties and naturally eliminate odors.


Compression Socks For Women, Knee High, 10-15 mmHg Mild Graduated Compression.

compression Socks for NursesFor nurses who love self-expression in fashion, here is the first set to consider. While still on the safe side, they still are not only black or white. Made with a medley of wool, rayon, Lycra, and spandex they are going to be sheer comfort for the feet. These socks contain only a mild compression of 10-15mmHg, which is perfect for those who have never worn compression socks but wish to try. They are still going to relieve your legs from prolonged standing. The graduated compression decreases from the ankle up, helping with varicose vein issues and increasing blood circulation.


BONUS:  For the wildly expressive nurses, check these out:

Celeste Stein Therapeutic Compression Socks, Bright Majik, 15-20 mmhg, 1 Pair

compression Socks for Nurses

These are some pretty crazy compression socks, and we can expect to see even more elaborate ones in later designs. All of Celeste Stein compression socks are like art, each one completely different from the next. These are a moderate 15-20mmHg compression sock providing all the benefits you would expect from compression therapy. One size will fit most women between the shoe sizes of 5-11.

While you are babying your feet and legs with good circulation and pain relief, you are also sporting a unique look at wearing these socks. Harder to believe, is men are actually wearing these to the gym now as well.  Besides competitive lifting, it appears to be competitive fashion socking on their part too.


compression Socks for Nurses

What really matters is the end of the day, when the 12 hours of working have began to sink in. This time it will be different, you may find you are rejuvenated and ready for whatever the next moment brings.

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