September 25, 2017

Extreme Cold Weather Socks – Does Compression Work?

Does Compression Work

As winter approaches, it doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not the colder weather will impact you one way or another. There is no way you can stay inside throughout the winter and going out means exposing your body to the excess cold. Our body does everything it possibly can to maintain the body temperature. In colder temperature, it works to keep the temperature up.

Even though the body works hard, as temperature increases our muscles become prone to injuries. Their performance isn’t at their optimal level due to reducing blood flow because of the cold temperature. The situation is even worse for athletes that are outdoors. With muscles not getting adequate blood flow they have a higher chance of spraining and injuring themselves.

Compression wear and cold weather

Compression has been sort of a wonder for athletes. Compression wear helps not only keep muscles tightly wrapped and warm but also improve circulation to the compressed area. This allows for the body part and its muscle to perform at an optimal level while also reduces the chance of fatigue.

Compression is also very popular with winter sports such as skiing and ice skating. It keeps them warm while they are out on the slopes or the rink, allows for great mobility, and keeps them in top shape to perform for hours.

Extreme cold weather socks

Compression socks employ the same function as other compression wear. They pretty much hug and compress your feet up to your calves. When it comes to socks for cold weather, you want some that are high and go all the way to just below your knees. This will allow you to compress not only your feet but the lower part of your legs.

The compression works to keep you warm in cold weather. It compresses the muscles in your feet along with the lower part of your leg. This ensures that it receives adequate blood flow. Like mentioned before, blood flow can be reduced in cold weather so the compression works to ensure it isn’t. For athletes and those that do a lot of outdoor work, it also ensures that their legs are protected from injuries also.

Type of socks you should get for cold weather

  • Compression is on the top of the list, make sure the socks provide proper compression.
  • They should be insulated. This will help ensure that there is proper thermal regulation for your feet and also that your feet don’t sweat too much, probably not an issue in the cold weather anyway.
  • Thick and comfortable, the thicker the socks the more protection from the cold weather. You want to try to get some that provide a little extra comfort for your heels and toes also.

The Prime Compression socks are a great example of socks that provide exceptional support to your lower legs and feet in cold weather. It provides 5-10 MMGH of compression that ensures your muscles are comfortably compressed in the cold weather to improve blood circulation. The best part about these socks is the fact that they are perfect for everyday use otherwise also. So you can use them even when the weather starts to get warmer.

When it comes to cold weather, compression does work. It actually works quite well. That is why many athletes wear compression wear that are specifically designed for cold weather. No matter what piece of clothing it is, a shirt or sock, if you get compression wear you will be better prepared for the cold.

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