April 15, 2016

Have You Seen These Long Sleeve Compression Shirts?

long sleeve compression shirts

In case you haven't noticed, long sleeve compression shirts are hot. As a part of ‘purpose-defined’ clothing which benefits the body in numerous ways, long sleeve compression shirts are climbing into the mainstream of fashion. The future has arrived.

Compression clothing is meant to be worn tight against the skin so it provides maximum benefit for the body’s systems. Wearing a compression shirt can be the equivalent of getting a massage. They feel that good on.

Compression apparel can be a huge variety of clothing from shirts to sleeves, but what makes it special is the engineered fabric which molds to the shape of your body all while applying pressure on muscles and tissues.

This clothing is made of materials such as Lycra, Nylon, Spandex and Neoprene and will maintain its form regardless of how you use them. Muscle stabilization is the key factor behind compression wear. Muscle restriction keeps muscles in alignment and reduces any damage caused during strenuous exercise.

Other benefits of a long-sleeved compression shirt include improved blood circulation, support to core thereby improving posture and feeling less tired after a fitness or sports regimen.

Engineered compression fabrics also include wicking, which is a deliberate design to pull moisture away and through the garment, allowing it to evaporate quickly. Many of the compression apparel on the market also have odor control and sun protection properties. Temperature control is another added essential meant to keep your body cool in heat and your muscles warm while in cold.

Long Sleeve Compression Shirt Brands

Not all compression products are equal. Many knock-offs are flooding the market in an attempt to profit from this trend. There are a couple things to remember when you are purchasing these items. One, compression shirts are meant to hug the body. This means super tight so the clothing can work effectively for your body.

Second, if you are on a budget you don’t have to throw out a huge amount cash to get a great one. While going straight to the company and ordering is product assurance, you can save money by hitting sites like Amazon. The same product will often be there at a lower cost to you.

Some of the best known compression brands include SKINS, 2XU, CW-X, UA, and EC3D. All of these companies are the leaders in the industry of high performance apparel.

long sleeve compression shirt

2XU is the leading favorite with athletes across the world. Check out any sporting event and you are likely to see a few competitors wearing 2XU. This long sleeved compression shirt is the highest rated and the most in-demand item. It is consistently fierce in delivering maximum benefits to the body. Plus it looks and feels amazing on.

Another high performance favorite is SKINS long-sleeve compression shirt with optimal graduated compression. The company has put a lot of thought into every detail of their compression apparel line.

UA products are a top choice due to the company’s desire to add flair to the plain black notion. They are also considerably less expensive, but still hold up in fit.

There are still many companies to choose from, however sticking with one who actually specializes in engineering this clothing line cannot be beat.

If you have self-expression on the mind while you sport one of these long sleeved compression shirts, consider the super-hero inspired line of clothing. The alter-ego apparel is sizzling in mainstream fashion right now. You can morph right into your favorite character and continue on to your workout.

UA’s ‘alter-ego’ is a complete compression shirt line dedicated to bringing out the Marvel warrior in all. You are still going to get the great quality UA provides in their compression products. They have a unique 4-way stretch fabric for complete mobility. You can also experience Moisture Transport System technology. This engineering prevents the growth of bacteria and repels any odors or moisture.

long sleeve compression shirts

Other popular long-sleeve compression shirts are “The Punisher” and a variety of different styles of camouflage.

Jump into the future with long sleeve compression shirts. They are going to make you look more tone, feel motivated, and provide essential health benefits to your body. It doesn’t matter if you are athletic; it is all about lifestyle and attitude. Skip the sweats, slide into compression wear and go be your own super-hero.

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