July 23, 2017

How compression do socks work

Compression socks or stockings are mainly related to improve circulation in the legs. They are usually prescribed for people with venous problems. Compression socks tight fit encourages blood circulation. For various reasons, diminished blood flow, especially in the legs, leads to a certain delay. In some cases even blood coagulation.

Compression stockings have been used for a long time, usually in the field of medicine. Patients who feel comfortable or have a very limited mobility, use this socks to increase blood circulation in the legs. Compression stockings for runners are super strong elastic sock, usually reaches the knee. Veins is compressed on the surface of the leg, and the muscles and arteries, allowing blood to flow through the legs through smaller flow channel. The blood returns to the heart faster, so it is less conducive to the pool at his feet.

Graduated compression stockings or socks provide a controlled pressure most strongly, at the ankle and decreases as it passes through the leg. They act as a muscle layer to improve the circulation of the legs and remove lactic acid. The calf muscle is like his second heart. If you are suffering damage to the walls of the vein due to pregnancy, standing, hereditary reasons for longer periods of time, you will feel tired and painful. When compression stockings on sets, but also reduce the amount of muscle vibrations.

Therefore compression stockings are used mainly by men and women in an attempt to restore a hard race or training and after the races as quickly as possible. For example, if you feel your legs after a hard marathon or semi-marathon, you feel like your legs are paining and even walking becomes a problem. The stockings or socks and comfortable leggings and knee pads are used so as to increase circulation and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. Calf sleeve or arm during training and competition. High compression stockings are particularly popular with ultra-runners and tight trousers help after accumulating a high mileage can recover.

When is it advisable to use compression stockings or socks?

When you Crossfit

The benefits for compression stockings are virtually the same as when running, if you wear when you are just seated. Compression stockings reduce crises and help your leg recover more quickly from the stump of the leg. Like running, Cross fit puts a lot of pressure on your legs. However, unlike the current load is detected by the leg, they do not stretch on a steady but steady rhythm of sudden movements and pulling.

During Long Trip

The use of compression stockings or socks during long flights will help to ensure that your legs have adequate blood flow. While movement is limited during long flights, compression socks work for you. Less movement during the trip can make your legs feel heavy, feet and ankles swollen and cause other leg pain.

Compression socks are best for travel due to migration and waiting at the airport and longer flying, which can take up to 15 to 19 hours if you are going across the world. Compression socks for people traveling abroad not only the elderly but also people who have a pre-existing condition with their legs as edema and the like are recommended.

During pregnancy

Due to pregnancy, it increases blood volume, especially during the third trimester of pregnancy. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that increase blood clotting. Blood coagulation is a possibility.

During pregnancy, the case is different. The main benefit that you get from wearing compression stockings during pregnancy is that you can prevent the development of varicose veins disorders. Pregnant women are also prone to deep vein thrombosis.

While you run

compession sock

Without proper equipment or bad equipment, you will feel pain in the ankles, feet, legs and whole body after running. It does not matter! Bad socks can unevenly cover the legs and blood circulation are not sufficiently aided. It can even cause irritation. Compression stockings manage moisture and help better legs during and after running.

Also, there is a lot of movement of the leg, when you run, unlike being in the plane and waiting for it to land. Compression stockings are the best for runners because it helps to recover the leg as quickly as possible by the hard work of running. A comfortable socks are designed to increase blood flow and ensure the buildup lactic acid is reduced.

If you suffer from varicose veins and varicosities

Compression stockings reduce the painful symptoms of varicose veins and fairly, slowing the progression of venous disease. However, compression is not sufficient to solve this condition.

Major reason why Wear compression socks

Compression stockings stimulate venous blood flow from the legs to the heart to overcome the effects of gravity on the legs.


Most companies and products use compression measures your body to find the right socks that will fit a particular person. As the size of the shoes are different than those wearing a compression stocking or the sleeve is not universal size. Make sure to find the right size, you can get the right amount of compression for your specific body part. Even using two layers of compression does not provide any additional benefits for leisure and is not recommended, but if you want to wear a something like a normal tight, then you can use a sleeve or sock on it.

No matter what you choose virtually all new racing socks are made with a mixture of air permeable materials including nylon, polyester, wool, Coolmax, Lycra and Spandex that helps keep feet Dry and comfortable. If you live an active life and start a lot of exercises you want your circulation to remain the same or increased is always good to use the compression socks so that it that can help keep the limbs strong and do well and maybe even better.

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