January 10, 2017

Juzo Compression Stockings: A Comprehensive Review

Juzo Compression Stockings

Anyone that’s done at least a little bit of research about compression stockings has probably come across Juzo. The company manufactures a range of compression items, as well as other medical/therapeutic supplies. Are Juzo compression stockings any good? Let’s find out.

The History of Juzo

Juzo is a family-run and operated company. Established back in 1912, the company’s first factory was set up in Germany. This was when some of the world’s best elastic garments were manufactured at the time.

In 1919, the company began revolutionizing the manufacturing process. The stockings started getting knitted rather than woven, which was a major industry change. It was during the 1930s that Juzo got a lot of recognition and started exporting compression stockings to numerous countries.

The company is recognized for a couple of additional innovations. It introduced seamless compression stockings in the 1950s. In 1962, Juzo also became one of the first companies to start making latex-free compression socks and stockings.

Today, people from many countries have access to a wide array of Juzo products. Each set of compression stockings comes with its specific characteristic. One thing has remained unchanged, however. The company is still committed to high quality, comfort and durability.

Overview of Juzo Stockings

Juzo compression stockings come in a wide range of varieties.

There are several product ranges, each one featuring an array of compression stocking models. The first one is the fashionable range that consists of the following lines – Juzo Attractive, Juzo Hostess and Juzo Soft. Juzo also has a sports line of compression stockings, an intensive therapy range, support stockings and compression stockings with seams.

The items are also categorized in four classes on the basis of the compression that they deliver:

  • Class 1: this class consists of Juzo stockings that feature therapeutic compression in the 18 to 21mmHg range. These are best for people that spend many hours per day standing up and experience heaviness or pain in the legs.
  • Class 2: the compression is in the 23 to 32mmHg range. Such stockings are suggested for use by people that suffer from varicose veins and pregnant women.
  • Class 3: the compression of 34 to 46mmHg is recommended for people suffering from severe varicose veins, people that have a serious swelling tendency and the ones at risk for severe edema.
  • Class 4: with compression that exceeds 49mmHg, these Juzo compression stockings are best for people that have the most serious venous issues and the ones that suffer from severe lymphatic obstruction.

The Customer Experience

Client reviews about Juzo compression stockings are mostly positive.

Buyers are particularly satisfied with the quality of the fabric that the compression stockings are made of. It is thicker and softer than what many other companies have to offer. As a result, Juzo stockings are perceived as much more comfortable. In addition, they will remain in an excellent condition for a longer period of time.

As already mentioned, there’s a fashionable line of compression stockings by Juzo, as well. People that don’t like the appearance of traditional compression garments can opt for these products. Will delivering the therapeutic benefits, the range will feature solely fine garments that look beautiful and can be used to enhance just about every outfit.

The fact that Juzo has been around for more than 100 years is also indicative of quality. The company is recognized for its adherence to the strictest industry standards and for its excellent customer service. It ranks among the best when it comes to compression garments and its stockings feature true, therapeutic graduated compression.

Very few shortcomings can be mentioned about Juzo items.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that Juzo stockings happen to be quite more expensive than a regular pair manufactured by another company. On the upside, the quality of fabrics that Juzo uses and its manufacturing process are recognized. Spending a bit more on a pair of Juzo compression stockings will give you a garment that you’ll get to use for years to come.

Some people have also had a couple of other minor complaints. Some of the shorter Juzo stockings don’t stay in place and could roll down because the upper elastic band isn’t very tight. A few buyers have also had issues with choosing the right size.

Juzo is a company that makes excellent compression garments. If you’re looking for quality and a medical product that will help you address a leg problem, Juzo is the one to turn to. The german-made compression stockings cater to different tastes and preferences, which makes them excellent for just about everyone.

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