March 31, 2016

The 5 Best Compression Socks for Running

best compression socks for running

Take a closer look at people running on the streets or in marathons, notice a trend? Most runners have discovered compression therapy and are sporting all different brands, colors and styles of compression socks.

You might be asking yourself at this point, how do socks work well? They are just socks. The answer to this is to purchase a pair and wear them around for a day. They are the answer to many foot and leg problems. Especially for those who are active in running.

Compression socks keep oxygenated blood flowing properly to muscles which is important for a runner’s performance. The more oxygen available to the cells, the better the circulation, and nutrients can get to those cells. Lactic acid is a waste that the body produces and if not adequately removed from the muscles, it causes soreness and muscle fatigue.

Compression socks are excellent for helping with calf cramps, strains, shin splints and Achilles tendonitis. When you wear these socks, they are going to make recovery time quicker and possibly prevent a new injury from happening. If you want to learn more about compression socks, see this compression sock guide.

X31 Sports Knee High Compression Socks for Running Womens and Mens

These sports compression socks by X31 remain the most popular amongst runners and athletes. With a 15-20mmHg compression value, the moderate pressure works wonders on foot pain, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis. You can expect improved circulation and relief from muscles aches, as well as a fast recovery time from fatigue or injury. This brand of compression socks is designed with a cradled heel and a soft toe box to prevent blisters from occurring. A plush extra-padded sole will improve the absorption from the pounding the legs take during long runs. Also included with this brand is moisture wicking microfiber to keep your feet dry.

FIRELION Graduated Recovery Performance Compression Socks - Best for Running, Cycling, Athletic Sports, Crossfit, Flight Travel (Men & Women), Marathon, Football- Knee High Socks

The next favorite compression sock by runners is the Firelion compression sock which offers 15-30mmHg for a mild to moderate pressure on the feet and legs. The graduated pressure is tightest at the ankle and gradually will decrease as it moves up the legs. You can wear these daily for max benefit, as they are multifunctional compression socks. Expect faster muscle recovery as these compression socks provide critical muscles and tendons. As a part of compression therapy, having better oxygen circulation is going to help reduce inflammation and any soreness. These compression socks are also sweat-absorbent and quick-dry.

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X31 Knee High

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best compression socks for running





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Best compression socks for running





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Best compression socks for running





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best compression socks for running





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best compression socks for running



Fitshit Premium Athletic Compression Socks - The Best for CrossFit, Running, Training, Travel, and Endurance Sports for Men and Women - The Ultimate Performance and Recovery Sock

These unique brand name athletic compression socks are fast becoming the most popular to wear. While it may be due to the name, it is more likely due to the rapid compression technology this company is using. They are not holding back on finding optimal ways to create the perfect compression combo for running and training. Their boast is receiving a 3x circulation boost, yet the compression value itself has not been expressed directly. Like other quality compression socks they will hold up to the claims to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce fatigue. Produced with the most cutting edge technology, these compression socks would also serve well for those who do airline travel.

2XU Compression Performance Run Socks

2XU is hitting compression performance running socks heavily with new ideas and better ways to accommodate the avid runner. Made of 72% Nylon and 28% Elastane, these powerful, lightweight socks are equipped for muscle containment for reduced vibrations and oscillation. They also produce less muscle fatigue and aid in helping damaged muscles. The 2XU brand uses Invista Lycra for certified gradient compression. They also have created a medical circular 360 degree knit construction to offer consistent, powerful pressure. You can expect great things to continue to come out of this company.

Our final choice for one of the top 5 best compression socks for running is designed by Vitalsox. The moderate 12-20mmHg helps to increased pressure to completely limit swelling in your legs. These compression socks are going to increase blood flow which is extremely important during any training or competition. They are also ideal for all sports and activities like cycling, Crossfit, weight lifting and soccer. The socks include an ergonomic foot bed and ventilation, which makes them more comfortable and allows the skin to breathe. The compression starts mid foot, which is great if you have plantar ligaments, arch and heel. These are some well made compression socks.

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