June 26, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Compression Shorts

best compression short benefits

Why should you consider wearing compression shorts? The reasons are numerous but the most important benefits relate to post-workout recovery. Still, compression shorts can do an awful lot for your body during a workout. If you’d like to find out more about these garments, you may want to go through the following list of the biggest compression short benefits.

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1. Compression

As the name suggests, compression shorts are used to give the biggest muscle support through a bit of compression. You probably know that medical-grade garments are suggested because of the therapeutic compression that they provide. The premise of athletic compression shorts is similar.

Compression shorts are made of Spandex and they’re usually approximately 15 percent smaller than standard athletic wear. It’s also interesting to point out that regardless of the fact they compress the muscles, these shorts don’t restrict the range of motion.

2. Improved Circulation

Several clinical studies provide evidence that compression shorts improve the circulation of blood in the legs and they also enhance the oxygenation of tissues.

Having more oxygen reaching the muscles during workouts enhances performance and it also reduces the risk of soreness/stiffness after workouts.

A 2011 Australian study was carried out among runners. Researchers found out that the runners wearing compression shorts enjoyed better circulation and they also experienced improvements in terms of oxygen consumption in comparison to runners wearing standard athletic garments.

3. Reduced Muscle Soreness after Workouts

This is probably the biggest and the most important benefit of wearing compression shorts. Research about performance improvement has mixed results but researchers all confirm that compression gear does deliver wonderful benefits in terms of post-workout recovery.

One Australian study was carried out in 2011 among rugby players. Researchers found out that the players wearing compression gear had reduced levels of lactic acid in their tissues. Lactic acid is the one that results in muscle soreness/pain after intense workout sessions.

The International Journal of Sports Performance published a comprehensive overview that takes a look at multiple compression garment clinical studies. The report came out in 2013. Researchers concluded that the benefits for post-workout recovery were small to medium, depending on the type of compression garment and the physical activity.

People wearing compression shorts tend to experience less discomfort and their bodies are more capable of eliminating waste materials that result from the workout (lactic acid is just one example).

4. Reduced Chaffing

Marathon runners, bikers, joggers and other athletes that do intense activities often experience problems with chaffing in the sensitive groin area. This problem does occur with traditional sports garments, regardless of the softness and the placement of the stitches.

Compression shorts reduce the risk of chaffing significantly.

Most compression garments feature flat seams. The stitches are placed strategically, which means there’s no rubbing and no chaffing. People that participate in intense physical activity frequently should definitely consider the purchase of a pair or two. The risk of irritation is minimal and there are no restrictions when it comes to the range of motion.

5. Temperature Regulation

This is a very interesting benefit of giving compression shorts a try. This benefit, however, isn’t linked to the compression. It stems from the moisture wicking qualities of the fabric that compression shorts are made of.

High quality compression shorts are made of a material that absorbs moisture and sweat, keeping the body dry.

The compression shorts absorb sweat and allow for its quicker dispersion. This means that the body cools down easily after intense physical activity. As the body stays cooler, an athlete feels more comfortable and is also capable of delivering optimal performance every single time.

There is some anecdotal evidence about multiple additional benefits of compression shorts. Still, the advantages that have been proven are a reason enough to give such garments a try. By wearing compression shorts, you’ll figure out what they can do for you and whether you’re going to experience any advantages on top of the health and athletic improvements already mentioned. Keep in mind that choosing a quality pair of compression shorts is a prerequisite for getting to enjoy all of the benefits.

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