May 22, 2016

The Best 5 Knee Compression Sleeves for Running

knee compression sleeves for running

If you are an avid runner, then you are well aware of how knee injuries can keep you down for the count. Too many times we will see blown ACLs, MCLs, PCLs, or torn cartilages. It is more common than you think. Running can take a toll on the knees due to high frequency, short impacts and before long; you begin to notice more and more the pain in your joints.

When knee injuries do occur, there are two aids which serve to support and protect the knees either from an earlier injury or from getting a future injury.

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Knee braces are a lighter form of a prophylactic device used to reduce the severity or repeated occurrence of a knee injury. They will support the join ligaments while still providing some kind of general mobility.

There are four different kinds of knee braces and they are:

knee compression sleeve
  • Knee sleeves (which are not technically braces)
  • Prophylactic knee braces
  • Functional knee braces
  • Postoperative or rehabilitation braces.

While these are the more medically serious aids, they are beneficial for those who need to be careful due to knee issues. The most common compression aid for the knee is known as a knee sleeve. You most likely have seen them worn by athletes, running, and in the gym.

Knee sleeves provide compression which will increase blood flow, keep the ligaments warmed, and reduce pain, especially after running. Any compression wear is beneficial in reducing swelling and helping with muscle recovery. If you have weak or trouble with your knees it is recommended to wear knee sleeves while running to prevent any injury. Another benefit of wearing a knee sleeve is to increase proprioception. This is the capacity to feel the position of your joint in space which is sensed by the central nervous system. In layman terms, it is a physical support mechanism for the joints.

There is a huge difference between knee braces and knee sleeves. If you are unsure to what degree of support you need, always visit with your doctor for further advice and recommendations. An unstable knee using a sleeve instead of a brace could increase the chance of swelling and interfere with the venous return below the knee.

The Best 5 Knee Compression Sleeves for Running:

1. Aegend Sport Elastic Neoprene Open Patella Knee Brace Sleeve

Runners who use Aegend Knee Brace Sleeve rave about the benefits this sleeve provides. Some knees have miles and miles thrust upon them and over time the joy of running can become a preoccupation with the arthritic, weak, or other ligament problems. This open cut knee brace sleeve is designed for runners and jumpers and has a dual side stabilizer system which helps to keep the patella in the correct position. It is a durable, easy to use knee sleeve that provides maximum relief from pain reduces stress on the joints and reduces inflammation.

2. ACE Knee Brace with Dual Side Stabilizers

ACE is a great name brand product which has the reputation for products which work well. The ACE knee brace has dual stabilizers which will secure the brace with a 3 strap systems. This offers different intensities of compression. There is no latex in the materials but it is elastic to stretch for a great fit. For runners wishing to avoid painful joints or injuries, this knee sleeve is always a sure thing.

3. Pro-Tec Athletics Gel Force Knee Sleeve

Pro-Tec Athletics gel force knee sleeve is an amazing product and is actually the most popular amongst runners. The extra gel layer is added protection against impacts. The unique design is a 4 way stretch material allowing a full range of motion and moderate compression. Medial and lateral spirals are weaved in to keep the knee joint stable. It won’t cause any skin irritation with the breathable fabric.

4. Copper Wear Compression Knee Sleeve

Copper Wear is a popular line of sporting aids which infuse 88% Copper fiber embedded nylon into their materials. The compression is very effective in enhancing blood circulation, and protecting the knees from injuries. For those with ongoing troubling knees, the Copper Wear knee sleeve can be worn comfortably any time.

5. Shock Doctor Knee Compression Sleeve

Count on Shock Doctor Compression Knee Sleeve to provide the ultimate benefits for your knees while running. This knee sleeve is anatomically pre-curved with an open patella and a comfortable flex design. The sleeve is made of N-Tex neoprene and a brushed lining with moisture wicking properties. This helps for therapeutic warmth and healing. If you need just a little more help with your knees, Shock Doctor is the best pick.

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