April 14, 2016

The Most Overlooked Fact About Football Compression Pants Revealed

football compression pants

It is impossible nowadays to watch sports both professional and amateur without noticing the skintight compression gear. Football Compression pants are very popular today, providing a distinct advantage to athletes across many different disciplines. Football is a sport known for its speed and power, the athletes that compete are at the height of physical fitness. Athletes praise the gear that they wear for providing them with the necessary advantage and help avoid injury. Former Washington Redskin quarterback Robert Griffin III gives the compression pants credit for his speed, communicating that “when I put it on…I feel faster”.

Why Wear Football Compression Pants?

Often football compression pants are tied to lucrative endorsement deals, however they also offer significant health benefits to both professional and amateur athletes. Similar to having a massage a post game massage, consistent pressure can reduce inflammation and soreness, something football players experience on a regular basis. The health benefits provide a significant boost in the sport of football as it involves consistent body contact that can cause the body a much longer recovery period, something compression pants help mitigate.

NFL players are the peak physical athletes, constantly breaching new levels of excellence in physical exertion. Many of the players credit their physical capabilities to the compression pants they wear. NFL linebacker Bryan Scott always wears compression pants “ I sleep in my recovery compression pants during training camp” says Scott “By week two or three, when other guys are dragging. I come out like it’s my first day”. Any added edge is considered a great advantage in the NFL with athletes competing at unprecedented levels.

Groin injuries are a significant problem in the NFL and football as a whole. The quick cuts and moves that all the positions in football are required to make take a toll on an athlete’s body. The compression pants help allow for athletes to compete at the highest levels without risking injuries. The structure and design of compression pants for football provide another barrier that helps football players avoid the dreaded groin injury. Groin injuries are difficult to come back from, many cause extended absences from the game. The NFL is a major money maker, having athletes held out to injury is a serious cost, that's why many teams encourage their players to utilize compression shorts to minimize the risk of injury.

football compression pants

Football compression pants are a small part of the game, but can have a lasting effect on teams and individuals. They are utilized more and more throughout all levels of football and the trend will only continue to grow. Athletes around the world are becoming more and more conscious about their bodies and the necessary steps they must take to prevent injury and preserve their bodies for a longer career.

The game of football is developing and improving the rules surrounding safety, eliminating hit to the heads to protect their players. It is not unbelievable to think that more rules will be developed to prevent injuries such as those that impact the groin to help protect and preserve the game that so many people love around the world. As the game develops so too will the grassroots of the sport, as instructing the youth allows for the proper development and education surrounding the sport and ensures the future success of its participants. Something as simple as compression shorts provide an added value with minimal cost to the competitor.

In conclusion the sport of football is a prosperous as it ever has been and it has to do in large part to the emergence of new technologies. The improvement of under garments such as compression pants have played a significant role in both the psyche and physical capabilities of the athletes. The sport is growing rapidly and it is quite apparent that the technology and garments utilized will continue to adapt and improve to continue to provide exceptional support to the athletes across the game of football.

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