March 31, 2016

Top 10 NBA Players That Wear Compression sleeves

NBA compression sleeves

Before we get into the top 10 NBA players that wear basketball compression sleeves it is important to know some of the benefits that come with wearing them. Now what you might not have known is that sleeves were first being warn in the NBA to cover up tattoos that the National Basketball Association deemed provocative and therefore shouldn’t be shown on live TV. Things have changes dramatically since then and a large number of basketball players now wear sleeves during every game.

Benefits of Wearing Arm Compression Sleeves

It seems like now a days everyone is wearing some sort of compression sleeves, and for those of you who are new to wearing them, here are some of the benefits you may see;

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Proper circulation, for many athletes injuries occur all the time but some injuries actually cause the body poor circulation to that given area of the body. Compression sleeves can help get better circulation to the area its being worn on. The technology in compression sleeves promote better blood flow to an area, which can decrease the likelihood of swelling and provide a better circulation for your joints and limbs.

Protection, When you are a basketball player and constantly driving to the hoop and being fouled you are bound to pick up some serious bumps and scrapes, especially on and around your elbows. Compression sleeves, especially padded ones help greatly when being knocked to the ground, they create a cushion between your bones and the ground and decrease the amount of physical impact being made.

Recovery, Perhaps the most important benefit of wearing arm compression sleeves is the help muscles that are sore after exercise to recover faster. It is important to note that to get this benefit the arm sleeve must be one with true graduated arm compression sleeve. With graduated compression, there is a higher pressure near the wrist and lower pressure near the biceps. This enables the blood to circulate back quicker to the heart, aiding recovery.

Ten of the Best Players in the NBA that Wear Compression Sleeves

NBA Compression Sleeves

1. LeBron James, LeBron plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and is searching for his 3rd NBA Championship.

NBA compression sleeve

2. Kobe Bryant, Kobe plays for the Lakers and is considered one of the best players in NBA history.

NBA compression sleeves

3. Carmelo Anthony, Melo plays for the Knicks and is searching for his 1st NBA Championship.

NBA compression sleves

4. Dwight Howard, Dwight plays for the Houston Rockets and is one of the best NBA defenders

NBA compression sleeves

5. Russell Westbrook, Russell is one of the most dynamic players in the NBA.

NBA compression sleeves

6. Dwayne Wade, Wade has 3 NBA championships and is on the hunt for number 4.

NBA compression sleeves

7. Paul George, George is one of the best two-way players in the NBA today.

NBA arm compression sleeves

8. Chris Paul, Paul is one of the best passers and leaders in the NBA for the past number of years. 

NBA arm compression sleeves

9. Blake Griffin, Griffin is one of the most explosive dunkers in the game. 

NBA arm compression sleeve

10. Allen Iverson, Now I’m putting Allen Iverson is here because he was one of the first players to wear a arm sleeve and made it a popular item among young players and fans around the world.

This is just a short list of players and is in no particular order. But as you can see, some of the great basketball players from the past and the present use arm sleeves during the game to protect them against injury and to protect themselves again re-injuring any muscles that might already be agrivated.

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