March 29, 2016

Top 3 Compression Socks for Men

compression socks for men

Men suffering from leg and foot ailments can benefit from compression therapy. Almost anyone could use a little help with preventive measures for this area.  Compression socks are becoming widely used by active individuals, especially those in sports, biking, and running. They have discovered compression therapy boosts their circulation and brings much needed oxygenation and nutrients into the legs and feet.

Compression socks make the legs feel invigorated while reducing muscle fatigue and pain. Men who work on their feet or sit for long periods of time will find compression socks to be the perfect answer to sore, aching feet. Compression socks also work to massage the muscles of the leg, boosting blood circulation.  As we get older circulation problems can arise, leaving the vein pathways to work improperly or poorly. Consider compression socks a great move to better health. If you are looking to find out more about compression socks please read our compression sock guide.

Men who travel often by plane will benefit from compression socks. In fact, this is highly recommended by medical professionals because of risks for deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

The Best Compression Socks for Men:

While your local stores may sell packaged compression socks this is suitable for convenience. However if you want to get the exact style, a better price, and quite frankly, a more fashionable look, then online is the way to go. We are always on the lookout for the absolute winners for successful compression therapy. Listed below, you will find our premiere choice for the top 3 compression socks for men.

Compression Socks | Mens Black Compression Stocking

compression socks for men

What we look for initially is the compression value and then the material the socks are made from. This style is a well-suited combo for those who have never used compression socks.  At 15-20mmHg compression, these are going to provide relief from aches, help avoid leg fatigue, and rejuvenate the muscles. Made from 80% Nylon and 20 % Spandex, they offer complete comfort. While offered only in black they are perfect for business professionals.



Vitalsox Graduated Compression Performance Socks

compression socks for men

compression socks for men

Vitasox made these specifically for running, walking, standing, sitting, gym, or even sleeping in them. The graduated compression is mild at 12-20mmHg, and made completely from Nylon. Vitasox uses a technology called Silver Drystat which inhibits the growth of bacteria or fungus all while keeping moisture from the feet. This is a superior product offering a quicker recovery from injuries and increasing performance all while boosting circulation.  If you are a sufferer of calf cramps, pulled muscles, Planter fasciitis or shinsplints, these are the compression socks to purchase. Vitasox has been making compression socks since 1998, and remains a top contender in this market.


Vitasox constantly finds new and innovative ways to improve the functionality behind their products. For men who have active lifestyles between work and exercise, wearing a pair of these is going to be a game-changer.


Premium Compression Socks By ABD with 20-25 mmHg Graduated Compression. Ideal Crossfit Socks, Sports, Performance, Recovery, Nurse, Running Sock. Best Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support.

compression socks for men

With a compression value of 20-25mmHg, you can expect the maximum benefit of compression therapy. By wearing these, you will experience an elevated oxygen level which means greater athletic performance and reduced injury. These are clinically proven to reduce fatigue and create ankle stabilization. They will also reduce soreness, remove lactic acid andflush toxins. These can also be worn for air travel, hiking, hunting and triathlons.

Before you purchase compression socks, refer to our expert guide about conditions which may or may not be a factor in whether compression therapy is for you. While studies show most individuals benefit greatly from wearing compression socks, it is always advisable to discuss your specific needs with your family physician beforehand.

Compression socks can be worn every day, keeping your circulation moving, your feet from feeling fatigued and reducing pain.


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