May 15, 2016

Top Arm Compression Sleeve Benefits

arm compression sleeves benefits

It doesn’t matter if you are a high scoring basketball player or a diligent marathon runner; top arm compression sleeve benefits everyone. While you may have noticed arm compression sleeves all over the place, you are probably wondering why you are not sporting one when you hit your fitness routine. You are probably even wondering why you would even need to.

All Those Benefits

Most athletes are totally tuned into their bodies. The self-actualization from pushing your body out of comfort zones is what it is all about. But what if you could wear something which did this for your body along with you, doubling the healthy results of your hard work? Here are some solid reasons for slipping on those top arm compression sleeves next time you take on out the door for your fitness regimen.

Better Circulation

For some, poor blood circulation is something they have always had to deal with, while for others trying to improve their fitness level, an old injury can result in poor circulation. The good news is compression sleeves can temper some of these problems by improving the circulation to any given area. Not only is a compression sleeve going to move that blood more efficiently, it will also inhibit swelling.


No matter if you’re into aggressive sports or simple daily exercise routines, compression sleeves are your friend when it comes down to added protection. While the mild compression is working away to soothe muscles and ligaments, this same action is working in other areas such as moisture wicking, thermal control, support, and skin protection. Wearing compression sleeves is a welcome additional layer between skin and contact.

Body Temperature

As mentioned above, body temperature is a top component of compression sleeves. This is beneficial for those who require added warmth on an older injury or a weak area and need to moderate thermo activity. The materials, in which compression sleeves are constructed, are from innovative designs meant to handle cold and hot temperatures and regulate the body comfortably.


The most important benefit of wearing an arm compression sleeve is the way they help sore muscles recover faster. A graduated compression sleeve will deliver higher pressure near the wrist, and lower the pressure closer to the biceps. The healing is delivered by the elevated, oxygenated blood circulating back to the heart. It also will keep down swelling, thus leading to a faster recovery.

Quality is the Key

If you have never heard of arm compression sleeves or any other type of compression clothing, it is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the many different kinds, brands, and purposes. You will notice the main focus is on a tight fit as this is how the compression actually gets to do its job helping your body performs better.

As you shop for any type of compression aid, be sure to identify what you are looking for in regards to your body. With new innovations and modern technologies, compression design is always jumping into new territories to improve functional clothing products.

Arm Compression sleeves are not just for basketball players, they are for the athlete in all us. With a little more help from an aid like this, you may be surprised to find out just how much you are going to push yourself, and still minimize your chances of getting injured.

The Top Brands for Arm Compression Sleeves

In case you need a kick start in the right direction, these are the most beloved arm compression sleeves on the market today and trusted by the vast amount of consumers who use them.

2XU Compression Recovery Arm Sleeves

Anything by 2XU will not let you down; this company specializes in delivering superior compression gear for all parts of the body. Their arm compression sleeves use unique technology to support key muscles groups and promote circulation. They carry a huge variety of different styles and designs. Check them out here.

Bauerfeind Sports Compression Arm Sleeves

This company is out of Germany, but really puts a lot of thought into their compression gear. This particular arm compression sleeve meets all the requirements necessary to be an effective aid in performance, recovery, protection, body temperature, circulation and design. This is an actual gradated design for those who need the moving pressure for circulation. Check this company and their products out here.

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