April 2, 2016

What Is A Compression Shirt?

compression shirt

Compression shirts are designed to provide extra support, help with circulation, ease muscle soreness, enhance performance and quicken recovery time.

On a scientific level, compression clothing applies a balance of pressure on the body and then triggers a more active blood flow with the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. When circulation is improved, it helps to reduce the buildup of metabolic wastes especially lactic acid.

Compression shirts are beneficial for a wide range of activities due to the functionality of this type of clothing. Another reason to take a second look at compression undergarments is the fabrics ability to repel moisture away from your body. You will also benefit from the anti-bacterial technology, so any sweat or body odors are non-existent.

You feel good wearing these sleek, snug garments. Aside from the functionality of compression gear, the tight fit makes you look more toned which in turn, motivates you to move the body.

Benefits of Compression Shirts


The current wave in compression gear leans toward fitness and sports niches, but before this, men were purchasing compression shirts to create a slimming outer appearance. Offered in basic white, these under tees had the ability to knock off a few pounds and define the muscles differently. Could men have known these shirts were actually helping them beyond the limits of appearance? Perhaps. Maybe this is what kicked all compression ‘undergarments’ right into the outer-wear spotlight. Either way, both men and women love the look the compression clothes.

compression shirts

Prevent Injuries

Compression clothing can be your ace if you need that extra support to get through a fitness regime. By adding pressure, your muscles are less likely to suffer micro damage or soreness. It stabilizes joints which is ideal for those with problematic areas.

Originally used in the medical field, this clothing was designed to help speed recovery after surgery. Compression socks are a huge relief for those suffering any kind of circulation problem. Travelers are also recommended to wear these during long flights.

For people who workout, lactic acid is the last problem they wish to have after getting through a strenuous workout. Lactic acid is a waste by-product created by exertion in exercise. It can cause pain, muscle cramping, and fatigue. Compression shirts and tights are going to have a significant effect on preventing this problem. Research shows compression will speed up waste removal and flush it quickly before too much gets left in the body.

Compression Technology

compression shirts

Take a closer look at any compression shirt and you are going to see a whole lot of great technology. Typically made from Lycra, spandex and nylon, this type of clothing is woven into a breathable fabric.

This fabric is infused with company-specific technologies such as PWX FLEX by 2XU. 2XU engineers their compression line with anti-bacterial and SPF 50 sun protection. The fabric also supports the core region and shoulder region to help you maintain better posture and better breathing.

Compression gear is a high demand product, and the forecast shows this technology is only going to get better. This line of clothing is going to blossom into wildly expressive designs, custom garments, and stronger rehabilitation properties.


Most people have no idea what this means, yet it is another perfect reason to jump in on the compression gear trend. Proprioception is ‘someone’s sense of how their body is positioned in space’. Compression shirts offer efficiency in movement thereby reducing the number of muscles which need to be activated. This makes you less tired.

The big note on this type of clothing exists in buying. These garments are meant to be tight, so going with a company like 2XU or Under Armour is going to be a safe bet.

For Everyone

It makes sense to include compression shirts and other compression gear in your wardrobe if you are an athlete, however anybody can benefit from using compression garments. The logic lies in circulation.

compression shirt

As the body ages, natural processes can give way to sluggish health, meaning not proper blood flow being returned to heart from circulating through your legs. Even if you take a walk around the mall, or are hiking a cherished mountain top, wearing compression clothing is always going to be your advantage.

Wearing a clothing item which reduces fatigue—priceless when the compression shirt or pants is delivering pressure which feels like a massage. Compression gear is almost too comfortable to wear, which is why more and more of these garments are starting to be worn beyond fitness activities. Like yoga pants and sweat pants, compression clothing is not too far behind the status quo in comfortable fashion.

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