April 1, 2016

Why Wear Compression Socks?

Why wear compression socks?

Compression sock stocks are on the rise, and for a good reason, Compression socks are not only really cool looking but they also have some health benefits along with small another reasons why you should buy them and wear them during your runs. Compression socks are also worn by professional athletes, especially basketball players who have been known to fully support how they feel and look.

So Why Wear Compression Socks?

1. Protection

Compression socks can be a great way to protect your skin during runs, especially run on trails or in the woods. Compression socks can protect you from poison ivy or getting rashes from other plants that are known to grow on trails. Another way compression socks can protect you is from sticks and other objects tat may scratch your legs and create cuts. Nowadays there are so many illnesses and diseases you can get just from a small scratch so having something that can protect you from these is very important for anyone who is adventurous and like to go for runs on the unmarked trails.

2. Swelling

People spend all day on their feet and then go out for lengthy runs, this can cause some serious stress on your legs and at times can create swelling. Compression socks are a great way to prevent or reduce swelling. If you are just starting to run you may experience swelling so wearing compression socks would be a good idea to keep your legs from feeling the pain of swelling.

3. Warmth

On those cooler days during the summer or if you are an early morning runner, you know that compression socks can keep you warm during your runs.

4. Fashionable

Socks are no longer the boring colors they once were. With retailers selling every color you can imagine it wont be hard for you to get yourself to match while you go on your routine runs, there is probably someone on each of your runs that will think you look good.

5. Dirt

Again, a lot of people who enjoy going for runs are also adventurous enough to go on hikes in the woods. When doing so much physical activity you are bound to pick up a lot of dirt along the way. Compression socks collect that dirt instead of your legs getting black and dirty.

6. Blood Flow

There are some studies that suggest that wearing compression socks actually increases your blood flow and therefore allows you to feel better after and during your runs and can make it so you are running at your best each and every time you wear them.

Compression socks as you can see have a lot of benefits and if you don’t mind spending $20-40 dollars on a good pair then you wont be disappointed. Compression socks are also very durable and one pair will last you a long time. A couple of tips before you make a purchase; don’t buy white. The collection of dirt mixed with sweat makes them not look very good while you are on your runs. Also make sure that you get the right size for your calves. You don’t want to get a pair too tight and cut off your circulation, and you don’t want to buy a pair that is too big and will slide down your leg. But overall you will see the immediate benefits of compression socks on your runs.

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