June 16, 2016

Women’s Compression Shorts – Everything You Need to Know

women's compression shorts

If you want to make the most of your workouts and speed up the recovery after intense sessions, you should definitely consider the purchase of the right athletic gear. Compression shorts for women are gaining a lot of popularity among active ladies because of the numerous benefits that they bring to the table.

What are women’s compression shorts, how do they work and are they right for you? The following article will attempt to address all of your questions.

What are Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts are a type of undergarment for athletes. Depending on the design, they could also be worn as shorts without anything on top.

Compression shorts for women are supposed to support and compress the muscles in the buttocks and the legs. This compression improves the circulation of blood and it also reduces muscle fatigue. As a result, manufacturers claim that compression shorts are great for improving performance and reducing the recovery period after an intense physical activity session.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Shorts

The benefits of wearing compression shorts are numerous, the most important ones being:

  • Decrease in lactic acid production: one Australian study carried out in 2011 found out that rugby players wearing compression garments have less lactic acid in their muscles. Lactic acid is the one that accumulates in the tissues after intense physical activity and causes a burning sensation.

    women's compression shorts
  • Less friction and chaffing: compression shorts have specially positioned flat stitches. The placement is chosen to reduce friction. Thus, athletes that wear compression shorts report experiencing less chaffing during running and other challenging workouts.

  • Improved circulation: another Australian clinical study suggests that circulation and tissue oxygenation both improve in athletes that wear compression shorts. Though the athletes didn’t experience a performance boost as a result of wearing the garments, proper muscle oxygenation is imperative during workouts.

  • The fabric wicks moisture away from the body: compression garments are designed for the needs of active individuals. Manufacturers are aware of the fact that the wearer will be doing a lot of sweating. Thus, compression shorts are usually made of moisture wicking fabrics that keep the body dry.

A Few Top Products

Compression shorts for women aren’t created equal. Some of the products have a much higher quality than others. Going through customer reviews and learning a bit more about the fabrics that compression shorts are made of can provide useful information. A few products stand out and happen to be much more popular than others. If you’re looking at compression shorts for the very first time, you may want to consider the following top picks:

  • Under Armour Women’s Authentic 7” Compression Shorts: Under Armour is one of the most popular brands in the world of compression gear. This pair of compression shorts has gotten an overwhelmingly big number of positive customer reviews because of several characteristics. The shorts feature four-way stretch construction, the company’s signature moisture transport system, an anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of bacteria and a wide waistband.

  • ATD Women’s Compression Bike Shorts: made in the US, the ATD compression shorts are made of Spandex and nylon – two fabrics that provide sufficient compression and that also ensure comfort without movement restriction. The shorts are designed in a way to stay in place without riding up. A wide waistband is also available for added comfort. When it comes to other pairs on the market, these compression shorts come with an excellent price to quality ratio.

    compression shorts for women
  • Nike Pro Core 3” Compression Shorts: as one of the most prominent athletic apparel companies, Nike has also accepted the challenge and created a pair of high quality compression shorts for ladies. Nike Pro Core features a polyester and Spandex combination for targeted compression. The shorts are also characterized by Dri-FIT fabric that wicks moisture away from the body, ergonomic seams and an elastic waistband.

Compression shorts are worth purchasing, especially if you’re serious about working out effectively and improving your performance. These garments ensure much more than just comfort. Improved circulation and fast recovery are a must for every athlete. If you want to accomplish both goals, dedicate some time to doing market research and identifying the compression shorts that correspond best to your preferences and your budget.

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